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Rosa Clara 2011 Collection

Bridal gowns / wedding dresses by Rosa Clara (

For 2011, the Rosa Clara bridal gown collection comes from classic inspiration of the early 20th century. These magnificent wedding dresses by Rosa Clara pay close attention to detail with the incorporation of jeweled stones on light fabrics shown on simple silhouettes. Rosa Clara’s bridal gowns also pay homage to corsets by combining voluminous silhouettes with fitted bodices and cinched waists. Preview the most current 2011 bridal gown collection and wedding dresses by Rosa Clara.

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  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-25
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-24
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-23
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-22
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-21
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-20
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-19
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-18
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-17
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-16
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-15
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-14
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-13
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-12
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-11
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-10
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-09
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-08
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-07
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-06
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-05
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-04
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-03
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-02
  • rosa-clara-bridal-2011-01

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