Andrea Eppolito Weddings & Events

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Andrea Eppolito Events, based in Las Vegas,  caters to an exclusive clientele made up of no more than 15 couples annually. Known for her sensory planning approach, Andrea seeks to entice the five senses and infuse the experience with your own personal style. Add to that flawless service along with a deep attention to detail and your wedding becomes more than just another event. It becomes a memory, benchmarking this moment in your life and the lives of those you love.

As a long standing member of the wedding community, award-winning wedding planner Andrea Eppolito is a published author, guest speaker and mentor. With features and mentions in publications such as The New York Times, VEGAS Magazine, Vegas Rated and more, Andrea continues to believe that her most important role is that of advocate to her couples. After all, wedding planning has been her passion, her obsession and her profession for nearly 20 years.
There is nothing she enjoys doing more, and considers it an honor and privilege to do it for you.

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