Daniela Fagotti

Tuscany, Italy

Born in Boston to Italian parents, Daniela first visited Florence in college and was captivated by the beautiful art, the stunning architecture, and the magical feeling that one gets just walking through the city. Not long after, she made Florence her permanent home and later married a man whose family has lived in Tuscany for generations. Twenty-three years later, Florence’s beauty and people still mesmerize her.

With deep experience in the fashion and hospitality industries, Daniela’s passion is helping others to appreciate all that the region offers. She specializes in creating “once in a lifetime experiences” and delivers an insider’s view of the region. Her goal is always to create an individualized and memorable stay, and with her connections to the best chefs, guides, artisans, and exclusive and out of the way places, she weaves a memory of Florence that her clients never forget.

Daniela truly appreciates the needs and desires of the sophisticated traveller. Any guidebook can suggest places to visit. But Daniela delves beneath what tourists normally will see and allows people to experience off the beaten path artisan shops and other hidden gems, learn from the most discerning guides, and dine at the finest restaurants—both world-renowned and those known only to locals. And as the mother of twin boys, she knows the sites and intricacies of the region that appeal to children and teens.

As someone who effortlessly connects people and puts them at ease, Daniela’s diverse clients rave about her professionalism, integrity, enthusiasm, expertise, unfailing energy, and genuine warmth.