Ed Libby & Company Events, Inc.

Hackensack, New Jersey, United States

Walking into an Ed Libby designed event; whether it be a lush wedding, an engagement reception, or a lavishly outrageous and personalized party for P.Diddy or Naomi Campbell, one is at first struck by the originality, color, grandeur, scale and magnificence of his created interiors. Libby’s “signatures” include huge floral & crystal chandeliers dripping from the ceiling, majestic columns & fountains bearing candles & profusely surrounded with floral bouquets and, at some events, human statues created by BodyCastTan Ed Libby Company.

As one relaxes and imbibes the atmosphere, one is further impressed by every exquisite detail. The ever so subtle fragrance that wafts now and then, the texture of each seating design; velvets, silks, tablecloths decorated with hand sewn paillettes or feathers, silverware wrapped to look like art, media screens further presenting themed images and the statues, guests slowly realize, are models, painted, bejeweled and costumed. “Every event should be a feast for the senses. I live for each detail – – it must be just so. Each aspect of the design is personally governed by me.” Says event designer extraordinary, Mr. Ed Libby and that it is.

Libby began his career in a small workspace in his home over two decades ago. He built his business on flowers, which remain an essential element of his design. However, it did not take long until his business grew into what we now see today, Ed Libby & Co. His company is the first design studio to blend art with live entertainers in order to create a dramatic new dimension in event production. Implementing gifted artists, talented actors, extravagantly costumed and innovatively body-painted models, BodyCastT creates lavish, eye dazzling, living sets to stimulate even the most jaded guest. Ed Libby & Co creates unforgettable events.

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