Fleur Seule

New York, New York, United States

About Fleur Seule…

Allyson Briggs has created an eclectic cocktail of high-class music, topped with the glamour of a bygone era. From Carnegie Hall and Jazz at Lincoln Center to the Rainbow Room and Birdland Jazz Club, she has brought her incredible voice to lead Fleur Seule to delight audiences around the world. Fleur Seule is a retro jazz band with 7 languages of repertoire and many classic styles of music, that transports audiences to their favorite musical memories. The Fleur Seule experience is a mixture of the most beloved music, with sounds of soothing Karen Carpenter and vibrant Ella Fitzgerald, to the infectious Peggy Lee and diverse Linda Ronstadt. Their range is unmatched and the joy they bring is contagious. See who Michael Feinstein calls “One of the most incredible talents out there today” and experience Fleur Seule for yourself. Allyson is fondly known by her fans as “The Glamour Girl of Jazz” and by her Latin fans as “La Rubia de la Salsa,” a nickname given to her at their debut salsa performance at La Marqueta in el barrio in Spanish Harlem. Allyson embodies the music and culture she represents and being in a bilingual household, is thrilled to share the music of all of her family with the world. She tailors the repertoire selections to suit the event and seamlessly transitions from jazz standards to French chanson to classic salsa to keep the crowd on their feet! Fleur Seule has been the house band of Tavern on the Green for 9 years, bringing Old Hollywood glamour to a modern day audience. Allyson’s range is unmatched, and the joy she brings is contagious. With over 300 performances per year, she is one of New York’s most in demand vocalists, and has shared the stage with Lionel Richie, Michael Feinstein, Ciara Renée, Catherine Russell, Jeremy Jordan, and Luba Mason.

About Allyson Briggs…

I have always loved classic music. I grew up listening to what my parents played: Jazz, Big Band, Motown, Opera, Country, a very wide range of great songs and languages. I was always interested in other languages, and when I started researching my family history more, I wanted to explore my German/French heritage by learning to speak the languages as well. When I came to NYC, I met my Puerto Rican husband and naturally, I am now Boricua! His family welcomed me, and I fell in love with his culture, music, and of course, food. As we grew and shared our love of music, which is a huge part of our life together, I started incorporating what became “our favorite songs” into my own jazz band. Pretty soon, the traditional 1940s jazz band that I created, Fleur Seule, began expanding into a multicultural, multilingual explosion of show concepts and new ways to share great music with new audiences. I love communicating with people, and I do that through song. I think when you make the effort to learn someone else’s culture and native language, not only do they appreciate it, but you are able to communicate on another level, and learn from each other. That’s what it’s all about! We currently play music in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Yiddish, Italian, and Portuguese, in every style from jazz and bossa nova, to salsa and 1960s Burt Bacharach hits. My jazz fans know me as Fleur Seule, my salsa fans know me as La Rubia, but you can just call me Allyson. I’m here to take you back in time and to inspire you with great music from all around the world!

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Founded by Allyson Briggs, Fleur Seule is a retro jazz band bringing a timeless age of music to luxu