Tuscany & Florence , Italy

"When we design a wedding, the focus is in delivering an unforgettable experience- The weddings have to be memorable for the entertainment, setting and the music. Decor is the frame.” Sara Mazzei, owner and founder of Infinity Weddings.


Infinity Weddings has been organizing luxury events in Italy and Europe for more than 13 years. Our team of senior and junior planners and our architects work together to produce the most important day of your life. Our creativity, passion, know-how, open minded approach and capacity of innovation together with the work of our trusted vendors, allow us to create unique and memorable weddings. Every wedding is a new project, a new challenge for us. We support the couple every step of the way.


We develop the theme and the concept with the support of our designers and we create moodboards and maps- We discuss the project with our brides and grooms and we proceed with renderings and drawings to let them understand how the final design will look like. The secret is listening to our couple’s needs and to offer an innovative and creative solutions and ideas.


Infinity Weddings was born 13 years from the will of Sara Mazzei to create a company that would designed weddings characterized by vibrant colors and fun. Marriages designed by infinityWeddings are recognized for this. We design the event with attention to the guest experience by studying the times, the lights, the music and the part of the after dinner. In these years we have organized more than 700 weddings throughout Italy.


"For every event, I try to draw everything with one goal ... the surprise of the guest who does feels wrapped in magic. I try to bring out that astonished look when you are a child seeing a new and fascinating game. It's inside each of us. I like to draw situations and events that give them space "