Luxury Bridal Hangers by Lou Hansell

South Bend, Indiana, United States

Elevating the wedding day aesthetic, Lou Hansell has created a Collection of luxury Bridal Hangers to showcase perfectly curated wedding gowns, suits and bridal attire.

Designed for beautifully styled photographs, the sculpted shape of the Collection’s iconic pieces give an extra “breath of air” to the garments almost appearing as if they are being worn. And a rotating hook, one of the hanger’s signature details, delicately locks into four positions to capture every angle of a bridal dress or suit.

Meant to be treasured and passed down as a life-long keepsake, the Collection is created ethically and with a conscience. Materials are not only selected for the highest level of quality, but also for sustainable elements like recyclable metals and bio-based leather.

The creation of each Lou Hansell Bridal hanger starts at the hands of artisans, forging the metal into a hook and connecting base. Paired together forever, hand-polishing and painting evolve into a shimmering Yellow Gold. Several of the Collection’s pieces are hand-wrapped like a work of art in a soft and supple, Italian leather. The completion of each piece can take up to 15 hours to create. As a final mark, a serial number signifies the uniqueness of each piece, just like one’s wedding day.