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Los Angeles, CA United States

White Lilac Inc. is a team of passionate individuals who work together to execute inspiring events. Within the team are a dedicated group of event and floral designers who bring their own unique personalities and design aesthetics to White Lilac. Each designer has experience working in spectrum of events ranging from large galas to intimate dinner parties. An amazing staff of logistics personnel enables White Lilac to be a full-service design company to handle everything from custom design elements to rentals and event lighting. Each White Lilac event is supported by a team of designers and logistics personnel to ensure every aspect of the event is executed flawlessly. 1006 Brioso Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Melbourne , Australia

As co-creators and wedding photographers, our own love is the backbone of our business. We are passionate about capturing connection and honest moments. We feel privileged to walk into spaces that only the closest of family and friends stand. We scout locations that speak to each couple’s story and style. We work with all parties of your wedding day — from celebrants, MCs and family members. We are there to capture a bride’s transformation, a groom’s nervous laughter. We pay attention to every light-hearted moment and every glimmer of tension in the air. We listen and respond. We are international wedding photographers based in Melbourne Australia. Inspired by cultural difference, adventure and above all — the journey. As a team, we are dedicated to you and your day. We turn fleeting moments into significant & timeless memories, offering a glimpse into the mystery of your love.

Boynton, FL United States

To be exquisite is to be characterized by intricate and beautiful design or execution. We are a full-service, luxury event and floral design company. Xquisite Events will make your event, whether a wedding, mitzvah, corporate occasion, or birthday party a masterpiece. Part of the magic is within the hands of our amazingly talented designers; their knowledge of color, style, and aesthetics is what makes each of our events unique, and beyond even our greatest expectations. Xquisite Events will guide you through your planning process. No matter the size of your event, we will assist you with picking the perfect flowers, designing the look of your tables, or even creating a theme. We also provide retail services which include weekly flower deliveries, office or country club arrangements, as well as occasional bouquets.