The Rainbow Room

New York, New York, United States

Mark the beginning of a life together at the Rainbow Room and share an unforgettable event in an extraordinary space.

Designed by renowned architectural firm Gabellini Sheppard Associates, the space, including its legendary dance floor overlooking the Manhattan skyline, has been restored through a modern lens to once again embody the glamour and elegance reflective of its rich history.

Signature design elements have been spectacularly preserved, every detail informed by the timeless wonder of New York. The landmark domed ceiling and revolving dance floor serve as the centerpieces of every event, while magnificent crystal wall sconces and handsome brass railings enhance the grandeur of the room.

The twinkle of the famous crystal chandelier is suggestive of the night sky, a sparkling reflection of the inimitable view. Now, custom crystal curtains adorn the windows, each containing approximately 1200 crystals, creating a sophisticated and breathtaking addition to today’s Rainbow Room.

As a New York landmark and an international dining destination, the Rainbow Room invites you to celebrate your special day with us, forever placing your moment on the continuum of New York’s romantic history.

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