Five months into their relationship, Emily received her first marriage proposal. It took place at Hotel Costes in Paris, and Souren said something along the lines of, “I’m not sure about you yet. But when I’m sure, I will propose.” Not knowing what to make of that statement, Emily ignored it. Later that evening, Souren took out an engagement ring, which Emily happily accepted. The second proposal happened in Armenia with Emily’s family present, and she said “Yes” once again.

The Athena pre-collection is a display of “perfectly-matching contradictions” in the form of metallic buckle details, softened by glamorous rhinestones and delicate lace. Hand-beaded fabrics and contemporary silhouettes also add an artistic finish to the traditional wedding dress.

Billowing off-shoulder cuts appear undone in the most romantic way, while sculpted gatherings of the “Athena” gown curve throughout the bodice and skirt. For a sleeker and more streamlined look, the “Andrea” gown is comprised of a corset top, semi-sheer sleeves, and all-over chiffon draping.

Alluding to the recent popularity of puffed sleeves, the “Cassie” gown is a modern classic – especially with a pair of full-length bridal gloves. The wrap sleeves are complemented by gorgeous draping details along the corset, creating a beautifully balanced effect.

For the bold and seductive bride, Alon Livné White’s “Noelle” gown is as romantic and feminine as it is unapologetically sensual. A definite showstopper in the Athena pre-collection, this dress showcases a nude-illusion corset with crystal-studded seams, off-shoulder wrap sleeves, and a satin-look skirt with a thigh-high slit. It practically begs to be worn during an oceanfront wedding in an exotic location like Malta or the Azores. Destination brides in vibrant cities like Miami and Los Angeles may also choose to use the Noelle dress as a second bridal look during their reception or afterparty.

Alternatively, the “Alicia” gown is simply stunning for today’s fairytale brides. The roomy off-shoulder neckline, coupled with a sweeping skirt, is a bridal look that will be as stylish and relevant in twenty years as it is now