love storyA symbol of eternal love; a precious memory of historical love stories; fire of gemstones that have kept secrets of forbidden romances; sentimental language of gems; passionate lovers separated by distance or death. What could exactly represent all the nuances of these feelings? What is the best way to depict all details – literature,

1 Dior Small Rose Pré Catelan Ring. 2 De Beers Portraits of Nature Butterfly Earrings in White Gold. 3 De Beers Portraits of Nature Butterfly Fancy Pink Earrings. 4 Graff Duet Arrow Wraparound Diamond Bangle in White Gold. 5 Graff Duet Pavé Diamond Bangle in White Gold.The bride and groom gift exchange is a tradition

Diamonds & High Jewelry from Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine Spring/Summer 2020

Wanting to please his mother, 19-year-old Roma Lansky envisioned a pair of earrings that would highlight her best qualities. He sketched out his design idea,

When private jeweler and curator Gerard Riveron sets his sights on a certain collection, it’s because those pieces were created by an independent fine jewelry

Heirloom jewelry is a common component within wedding stories, as many families have treasured belongings that are often passed down to a bride or groom.

Ever since their origin in 16th century Europe, watches have become a treasured heirloom, often passed down through generations. A luxury timepiece is the perfect

As one of three French brands represented exclusively by private jeweler and curator, Gerard Riveron, Umane Paris has held its “Joaillerie de France” label since

The pressure of selecting the perfect gift for your loved one is probably looming. Consider a gift you know she will adore, the gift of