Stephanie Nazaire and Herbert St. Fleur shared several mutual friends, but never really spoke – not until Stephanie made a social media post that said, “I like them tall, dark, and handsome; but knowing God, he likes to play sometimes.” “It was supposed to be one of those funny Christian posts,” she explains. “But shortly

In May of 2016, Sepideh Moghaddam and Mani Khoshnejad were first introduced to each other through mutual friends. Their friend originally told Sepideh that Mani was 32 years-old, and told Mani that Sepideh was 27; but Sepideh was actually 22 at the time while Mani was 35. “When we first met, we instantly connected over

Dallar Amirian and Elvis Torosyan were only 15 years-old when they met in high school. The two students would often cross paths at social events and parties, but their first “real” memory together was when they kissed at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Thirteen years passed after that without any significant happenings, as both teenagers

Tara Millamena was 19 years-old and Ivan Arefkov was 21 when they randomly spotted each other at an 18+ nightclub in Hollywood. Both were new to living in Los Angeles, and one of the first things Tara noticed was how attentive Ivan was toward her.“I was too young to drink,” she explains, “but he was

Rachel Altheim and Robby Tobin met during their freshman year at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Robby was perusing the welcome week crowd of freshman year looking for “cute girls,” when he was summoned by Rachel’s dad to please come help set things up in her dorm room. He happily helped out and, from that point

Alysia Wilson first spotted David Leyva at a nightclub in Virginia Beach, VA. She immediately noticed his hair, as he was sitting on one of the speakers, and had been looking at him all night. After realizing she could ask his friend to relay a message that she’d like to talk to him, David’s friend

Both Leanne Ashton and Ryan Mullally had just finished university when they first met in Liverpool. At the age of 22, Ryan studied Biochemistry and Forensic Science while Leanne’s degree was in Sociology and Criminology.“I had recently picked up a new job working at Leanne’s favourite club in the city,” Ryan shares. “I was working

Lauren O’Connell and Xavier Parra met during the summer of 2014, when Lauren had just moved to Portland, Oregon to start a job as an instructor at the Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology. Xavier was also an instructor, and their working relationship grew into a friendship and, eventually, more. “We became (and remain) each other’s best

Tara Parsa and JC Gallo’s love story began when JC’s best friend insisted on going to a New Year’s concert in Vancouver, Canada. At first, JC kept declining, as he wanted to stay in Seattle; but eventually, his stubborn friend persuaded him to drive up to Vancouver on New Year’s Eve 2011, where he met

“As cliché as it might sound for New Yorkers, we unexpectedly met in the Hamptons over Labor Day Weekend in 2019,” Saba Saleem shares about her first encounter with Ripal Parikh. “I had no initial intention of being there that weekend and decided to join the girls last minute. Ripal, on the other hand, had

Jenna Garner first met Ryan Gronberg at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration back in 2010. She quickly learned that Ryan was the go-to guy for all questions related to international travel, which came in handy when she decided to take advantage of her flight attendant travel benefits in early 2019.“I was nervous because, at that

When Averi Harper and Kenneth Robinson moved to Oakland, California, both were in pursuit of professional dreams – but they found so much more. Kenneth came to the San Francisco Bay Area chasing culinary aspirations in Michelin-star kitchens and Averi arrived years later to be a morning reporter at a local television station. Their unconventional

Despite growing up minutes away from one another, Yasmin Fallahkhair and William Broder’s paths never crossed until one fateful day in 2011 when a mutual friend introduced them. Yasmin instantly fell for William’s witty humor and charisma, appreciating his natural ability to light up a room with ease. William was smitten with Yasmin’s charm, kindness,

Andreea and Andrei Popescu were both studying economics in Bucharest when they met during their last year of college. Each day, they’d see each other and “the butterflies were there” – but it wasn’t until graduation that they first talked.“In that last day, Andrei came to me to take a picture together,” Andreea recalls, “but

Unlike most couples, Olivia and Gael’s wedding story actually began in a bridal shop. It was February 2, 2019, and Olivia was visiting a boutique on a popular street in Cannes with her mother, helping a childhood friend choose her wedding dress. Gael was booked for the next appointment, as he was shopping with his

Cheonshae and Mario Brown first met in middle school, and Mario tells everyone that Cheonshae has liked him ever since. The two officially started dating after graduating from high school in their hometown of Horn Lake, Mississippi. “We were young, so neither of us thought it would be anything as serious as marriage,” Cheonshae shares. “However,

When Cody Haumann transferred to Abigail Barrett’s high school back in the day, the two teenagers quickly began passing notes during the multiple classes they had together. It only took a couple weeks before they started dating. Unfortunately, Cody wanted to finish high school in the previous town and ended up moving back; but he

Vivian Mehrabian and Anthony Grigorian first met during middle school, when mutual friends introduced them on AIM – AOL Instant Messenger. Something clicked right from the start, as their first phone conversation lasted for three hours. Of course, being kids at the time, they eventually stopped “dating” but became the best of friends throughout high

The first time Clair and Eddie Corsaf met was in Panama, when Clair had traveled to visit her brother and his family. Her sister-in-law and siblings set it up, giving Eddie her number beforehand.“He had sent me a text a few months prior to show interest but nothing ever happened until we met in person

Like many couples in today’s world, Emani Hill and Taylor Trammell first connected when they followed each other on Instagram. Emani thought Taylor was incredibly handsome with a great smile, and he immediately noticed her athleticism. At the time, the two teens were attending rival high schools, so it was during the night of a