It’s a tale of desire. It’s edge and elegance collided into one enchanting story; Otherworldly as never before, this collection isn’t for the faint of heart. Here is the story behind the force of nature which we call PRIVEE No. 9

While keeping the core PRIVEE principles close to her heart, Berta designed 9 different gowns - 9 personalities. Each is fierce, powerful and inspiring as the other, yet with a different bride in mind, creating a dreamy capsule collection of pure perfection!

As Berta was busy designing this collection, we found ourselves thinking what could be the perfect setting to capture its power and flare. We wanted our brides to feel as if they are seeing everything first hand, in person, as if they’ve just found their true match. We wanted to give each one her much deserving spotlight and capture each piece in the best light.

This quickly came to the realization that we will need to push the limits and make the impossible happen. And so we took it upon ourselves to transcend this to our brides and shoot the entire collection in one perfect light. Sunset.
So we did. And the results speak for themselves. Each dress speaks for itself.

We have all the feels and emotions for this collection, all of which are making us want to get married again! It is timeless, for the woman who knows what she wants in life. It is PRIVEE No. 9

The collection will be available at our retailers across the world starting May, and in trunk shows starting the end of January.