This collection is truly a MIRACLE,” says the team at Eisen Stein. What began with a simple floral sketch by designer Yael during the early days of the first COVID-19 lockdown, eventually became Eisen Stein’s 2021 Miracle bridal collection. Filled with a vibrant spirit and gorgeously crafted flowers, there was an optimism and sense of innocence to the original Miracle collection, which debuted at New York Luxury Bridal Fashion Week. Now, the New Miracle Spring Summer 2022 collection builds on that foundation with the addition of even more stunningly ethereal bridal gowns.

“The elegant floral embellishments are symbolic of the beauty around us that can be appreciated no matter how unpredictable life may become,” says the team. “Bringing this vision to life turned out to be a more difficult quest than expected with factories and embroidery suppliers closed during the quarantine. But we never lost hope and small miracles manifested in a myriad of ways throughout the process.”

“Life gifted us in many ways from manufacturers returning to work just on time to fabrics that were produced and delivered at the very last moment. In the end, we succeeded to shoot the collection just two days before the second lockdown! From sketch to reality, romantic gowns come to life with elegant floral ornaments and intricate 3D appliques. Ethereal laces, delicately embroidered tulles and tiered ruffle layers add an ultra-femme touch.”

Through this global challenge, it’s essential to align with what brings us joy such as art, nature, and creation. There is a gift within every day that we can discover gratitude for. We hope this collection reminds you not to give up before the miracle happens! You never know what might be awaiting you if you believe in the magic life always has to offer.”

The New Miracle Spring Summer 2022 a continuation of the 2021 Miracle collection, bringing in fresh spring and summer looks with the same intention of hope and revival.

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