A vibrant green garden is eclipsed by lavish white blooms. Composed and collected in demeanour, each bride emanates classic elegance and modest grace. Though her regard is soft and subdued, she is poise, glowing with certainty that she is the most striking and celebrated of blossoms.

The ELIE SAAB Bridal 2021 Collection re-emerges with a confidence that reinforces the romantic femininity quintessential to the Couture house. Timeless silhouettes are subtly revisited with delicate details of the modern, introducing the classic bride to the empowering allure of the contemporary feminine.
All pristine, each bridal dress moves with its own distinct character. Embroidered tulle organically cascades into flowing trains of silk thread and pearls. Chantilly lace and organza floral appliques, chiffon leaves and petals delicately dance across carefully draped bodices. Structured necklines are accentuated with signature dots and sequins coupled with refined bows of varying volume.
Each gown is sculpted to reveal the bride’s inner muse. The draped strapless ballgown is made statuesque in tailored taffeta, with an off-the-shoulder detachable pleated bolero and a maxi detachable bow at the back for the woman who sways between being grand or modest. The whimsical and dreamy take flight in a grand sweetheart neckline, layered ruffled ballgown. A soft interpretation of the mermaid gown with a revealing open back is for the delicately seductive of sirens, and an asymmetrical mini with an overskirt for the more daring and wild. The signature ELIE SAAB white belt and cinched waistlines add a final touch, accentuating the beauty of feminine nature.
The ELIE SAAB Bridal 2021 Collection offers more than just classical beauty and elegance, it inspires uniqueness, allowing the bride’s distinct personality to radiate.

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