Murano Chandeliers are the center piece of Ines’s inspiration this season as she’s long admired their unparalleled craftsmanship, sophisticated yet whimsical use of color, and ability to spark imagination.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself immersed in the warm glow of their light, sparkling jewel tones dancing on the ceiling like fireflies flickering in the night sky. Ambience created by dust particles suspended in beams of light, and space transforming shadows cast across the walls. These elements combined create an alternate universe and transport you to an enchanted evening party of fantastical proportions.

The ability to trigger a childlike sense of wonder is why Ines looked to Murano chandeliers to inspire the opulence of her Fall 2023 collection, “Illuminated Soirée.”

Every design choice in this collection is meticulously calculated and executed. A showcase of the most extravagant hand embellished details, subtly playful color choices, and unexpected textures and finishes all the while following Ines’s signature fashion, offering a study of proportion and a celebration of the feminine hourglass shape.

While they combine to create a shimmering dimensional tableau, you’ll find that each gown can live as a standalone piece capable of illuminating any venue, no matter the scale, just as the chandelier that it was inspired by.

“All worlds are within reach with an open heart and a vivid imagination." - Ines Di Santo