Buenos Aires - is know for its vibrant night life and that zest for celebration has always captivated my attention! I loved watching the Tango dancers in their costumes, it taught me about movement and fashion. The full skirts floating effortlessly with each twirl, showing the confidence of the women in their element. These experiences led me to be whimsical in my approach to life and it is something you can see in my collections today. I was truly a free spirit when growing up in my beloved and colorful Argentina.

Paris - Studying couture in Paris as a young woman was when my passion became disciplined with formal training. The sense of freedom I brought from Buenos Aires was being challenged with studies in intricate construction and play on proportion. It was during this time I realized I had talent and a unique point of view. I began to dream of creating my own brand and I truly believe the foundation of Ines Di Santo was formed during my time here.

Dubai - I loved traveling to Dubai in the early days of my career to work on beading and embellishments. I was always struck by the overall opulence of everything and inspired by the blend of traditionally ornate and modern architecture. This moved me to create clean and modern silhouettes embellished with crystal beaded details. My love of beading is something I continue to explore and expand on every season.

Throughout my world travels I was curious, absorbing everything that I was experiencing. Looking back on earlier days, it was more like I was living in a dream, totally lost in a new world. With this collection I tried to recreate the mischievous sense of wonder I experienced, and approached the gowns with the same carefree sense of playfulness I feel when revisiting those memories. 

I hope you’ll find yourself transported to my “Wonderland” the same way I got lost in the process of creating it.