Lihi Hod's new collection was inspired by the sea and its horizon - evocative of eternal hope and optimism for a fresh start. Designed for the contemporary bride, the collection is characterized by a sense of freedom, ease, and youthful spirit, sprinkled with delicate romance, style, and a love for the beauty of femininity and nature. 

The collection incorporates a selection of timeless dresses with French romantic style - always mindful of the small details and delicate artisanal work: soft, floating dresses featuring tulle fabrics and transparencies, delicate floral prints or three-dimensional floral inlays, hand-embroidered and crocheted flowers, a combination of details such as bows, beads or pearls, feminine silhouettes and soft layers. 

Dreams 2022 is an invitation to celebrate the feminine body. To allow free movement and ease, and to dream of new beginnings. Always inspired by French romantic style with its light boho-chic, timeless aesthetic, full of optimistic spirit, youth and love for natural beauty. The collection was designed to serve the bride in her first steps - celebrating life and the world around her.