“You’ve got to learn to appreciate the little things in life; like a good cup of coffee, or a fresh-smelling flower, or the smile of a stranger as you pass on the street.

“Designer Lihi Hod's new collection is an invitation to enjoy the small moments in life and the beauty they convey: a celebration of a carefully crafted romantic style, attention to small details and delicate artisanal work. The collection was designed with the female body in mind, combining luxury fabrics and haute couture -designed to celebrate love, a contemporary fresh interpretation of timeless wedding dresses with elegant French elegance.

This season, more than ever, Hod seeks to return to the small and joyful moments at the wedding day: dresses are born to serve the bride, her comfort and freedom, the movement and chic around her. The collection includes a selection of soft and floating dresses made of silk, crepe and satin fabrics, combined with tulle, transparent fabrics, delicate floral prints or three-dimensional floral inlays, hand-embroidered floral and crocheted flowers, a combination of details such as bows, buckle belts, pleats and beads. Special attention is invested to the back of the dress, along with bold sleeves and soft falling straps.

Lihi Hod's bride is the woman who rediscovers the happiness behind those little moments: the richness of craftsmanship, the coziness of the fabrics, the freedom of movement and the love of beauty that bursts from the inside out. The dresses in the collection are the rare gift you can give yourself, for the big day that awaits you and for the beautiful moments it holds for you. This is the beauty that has no season, this is the love that will always be yours.

Photographer: Shai Franco; Videographer: Maor Cohen