The new collection by Lihi Hod, Mystic Flower, is an invitation to celebrate life; to appreciate its richness, to treasure true craftsmanship, and to be inspired by the beauty of nature with its constant reminder that there’s always hope for a renewed, better future.

The inspiration behind the collection was born while observing garden flowers in bloom. The elegant process of petals opening up; the element of surprise as the beauty hidden beneath is slowly revealed. The magical, almost mystical, moment when something new is born and revealed to the world. A powerful moment that becomes utterly uplifting—the thing that is born, rolling out, taking shape from one organism to a new more beautiful one. “It’s the miracle that takes shape as soon as evening falls and the flower comes to life,” says Hod.

In this same way, fashion and design should articulate the richness of culture, along with love of craft and knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, always expressing the optimism of human experience. Drawing inspiration from the glamorous 20s and 30s - a period marked by this sense of optimism, love for luxurious fabrics, rich textures, and the beauty of the female form, a collection of reinvented classics was born.

Timeless silhouettes, depth of shades, transparencies, and rich layers of silks. The gowns are created to enhance the bride with graceful beauty and strength, much like the flower petals as they begin to open to a full bloom. The collection is made of fabrics that were carefully chosen for their natural beauty, combined with meticulous detailing and flawless craftsmanship: silk organza, Mikado and crepe, adorned with hand-embroidery made especially for Lihi Hod.