Monvieve Showcases Fall 2023 Accessories Collection with Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture for a Fresh Take on Bridal Fashion. Monvieve has collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier to bring iconic looks from the Parisian archives to New York City to highlight the label's latest designs, spotlighting possibilities of couture bridal.

Monvieve and Gaultier collaborate on couture clients. Via MONVIEVE X GAULTIER, Monvieve highlighted their relationship and ability to facilitate seamless bridal couture in collaboration with Gaultier, straight from the New York showroom.

Alison Miller, Creative Director of Monvieve said: “The design vernacular is so profound at Gaultier Haute Couture that the capacity to create is limited only by one’s imagination. The value proposition is unprecedented. What has been proposed to my clients are some of the most extraordinarily beautiful gowns I’ve seen to date. Paired with our bespoke accessories that share the same design values moves me to a place of sublime beauty.”

The art of the accessory takes center stage this season, unfolding against the backdrop of a private Italian estate as we reimagine bridal dressing. Enter the extraordinary (and never shot before) Piemontese home and gardens of the Marchesa San Martino D’Aglie’ Giovanna, family of the last queen of Belgium.

The collections tell a narrative of heritage that speak to the best of Italian manufacturing within the very heart of the Risorgimento. These lands are where the unification of the Italian State was born... the dignity and vision that claimed this history can be understood in the pride of craft and legacy found in our artisanal work. We are celebrating the very roots of Made in Italy.

For 2023, bespoke veils and headpieces refocus the style quotient and speak in their inimitable and profoundly emotive language. Get lost in this sensuality. Sight, touch... feel beyond the tangible. Join us in a season that reclaims our ability to be in the moment and dissolve into the wellspring of possibilities.

The finest Chantilly laces find new meaning in delicate ivories and the softest of metallic colorways, while elbow length mantillas have never seemed so fresh, sanguine and au currant. Headpieces are bold, stunning counterparts to the more traditional veil. Yet they still whisper in hushed tones of high style that comes from discovering couture... the subtle signs of being in the know.

This was also the perfect intersection to highlight our collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture. Monvieve accessories were paired with a select look of JPG Couture to create strikingly modern bridal. Honoring the contemporary bride and her boundless imagination, perhaps there is no better stage to champion her singular style then the very place where forward thinking intelligencia fought to unify Italy in 1848.

Reawaken the senses... and partake in this historical study of elegance and inspiration. 2023 is our season that harnesses the power of accessories and wants you to be imbued with their breathtaking freedom and sublime beauty. Be transformed; be swept away. And take others along as they get lost in the power of your persuasion.