As a masterful approach to the avant-garde side of bridal fashion, Reem Acra Wedding has a stunning lineup of wedding gowns in the 2022 “Love and Dreem” collection. Inspired by different cultures, beliefs, and traditions around the world, Love and Dreem is an eclectic celebration of diversity in the form of bridal couture. When conceptualizing Love and Dreem, designer Reem Acra drew from her own personal experiences to blend the best of what she’s encountered globally into one cohesive collection.

Extravagantly styled headpieces, graphic veils, and lavish fabrics – Reem Acra Wedding truly outdid themselves when it comes to combining high fashion with old-world grandeur and a contemporary edge. As ornate and detailed as each gown may be, there’s plenty of room for every bride to add her own interpretation and make her Love and Dreem dress a bespoke bridal look.

Some of our favorite styles include:

Austria – An exquisite bridal ballgown with romantic puffed sleeves, bow details, intricate patterns, and an exquisite, beaded neckline. Just as its name suggests, this Reema Acra Wedding creation was practically made for a lavish Viennese wedding.

Nepal – An off-shoulder bridal ballgown that features unique textures and an incredible headpiece. As Reem states, “The golden halo is created for a sense of protection at this very sensitive moment. It reflects the sun and brings light into your new world.”

Native American – “A love affair between two cultures,” says Reem. “It’s a playground for the expression of sensuality. A touch of theater can always be explored on that one special day. That day is the day you can be anybody you want.”

Ukraine – As a stunning ode to Eastern European culture, the Ukraine gown is a unique addition to the 2022 Reem Acra Wedding collection with its many layers, proportions, and lettered embroidery.

Find Reem Acra Wedding gowns at:
Elizabeth Johns – Morristown, New Jersey
Bergdorf Goodman Bridal – New York, New York
Reem Acra Atelier – New York, New York

To create Love and Dreem, Reem Acra found inspiration in her personal experiences with many different traditions around the world, magically turning that blend of cultures, beliefs, and love traditions into one single collection.