In the ethereal realm of The ATELIER’s Fall 2024 Bridal Collection, we embark on a journey to the celestial triumvirate—the sun, the moon, the stars.  

The beams of light emitted by stars tear through the dark vastness of the universe and bring forth a tale of space utopia. The human body has 89.5% of its elements from stars, and our bodies are composed of the entire history of the universe.

We are children of the stars, who spent 14 billion years traveling through time and space to create us and finally, brought us together to make each other whole.  

Within the cosmic tapestry, a multitude of wondrous stars are etched into the fabric of our garments. They come to life through the artistry of lacework, beaded embroidery, hot fixed rhinestones, and additional decorative techniques.

The collection's intricate detail allows a vision of space utopia to materialize through the skilled hands of our artisans. 

The ATELIER introduces a distinct blend of space romanticism and bridal elegance, where love stories are intertwined with the cosmic narrative. The collection is the embodiment of space’s romance and nostalgia, it is our interpretation of “each other”, “destiny”, and “love”.