The 2022 Atelier Couture Bridal Collection by Prof. Jimmy Choo, OBE, is inspired by "Victorian Poetry". "Victorian Poetry", is inspired by the fascinating Victorian period. In this collection, the designer makes great use of the diversity of the renaissance.

Combine exquisite corset and huge crinoline in the ball gown. The design of the evening dresses is colorful and prosperous with embossed laces, gorgeous, beaded embroideries and a variety of romantic ruffles.

All these elements give to the collection a Royal and elegant atmosphere. This collection combines classical and romantic aspects into a “love poem “for our brides and clients.

In this bridal collection, we continue to design ball gowns with gorgeous royal trains, as is the traditional aesthetic of our brand. A lot of structural design is performed on the shape of the wedding dress to make for more visually strong gowns with unique silver laces and stiff composite laces blending toughness and gentleness.

This bridal collection’s focus is on the shape of the skirt structure itself, where we followed original design using raw materials and our unique stitching embroidery process, according to specific patterns.

Delicate and exquisite, the patterns do not conceal the characteristics of the fabric and the design itself, but rather give the soft effect of icing on the cake.