When bridal designers unveil their latest collections, it’s always fascinating to see how they have incorporated different inspirations within their gowns. Many designers tend to garner inspiration from concepts or time periods – recent favorites being surrealism, individuality, and personal journeys. However, for the Fall 2021 lineup of Zuhair Murad wedding dresses, the designer took a more literal approach with a recurring motif that appears throughout the collection: wheat. This isn’t to say there’s no cerebral aspect in its design; these gowns were created for the image of the Fall 2021 Zuhair Murad bride, who is the embodiment of Marie Amelie, and Elisabeth from “Les Semailles Et Les Moissons” by Henri Troyat. Leave it to Zuhair Murad to take something as simple and humble as a wheat field and transform it into the most breathtaking collection of wedding gowns, exquisitely embellished with intricate fields of gold.

Zuhair Murad wedding dresses are known for being ultra-glamorous, over-the-top bridal creations. The Fall 2021 collection is no exception, with removable asymmetrical overskirts of misty tulle offering a stunning addition to more fitted silhouettes. Still, this particular collection is remarkably ethereal – especially when styled with matching wedding veils that drape a bride in the thinnest whisper of delicate fabric.

The Fall 2021 wedding veils by Zuhair Murad are truly a masterpiece, with couture details that include vast fields of gold embroidered in intricate patterns. When draped against one of the collection’s wedding gowns, it’s clear how the designer was inspired by the wispy, unruly patterns of golden meadows. This collection is the perfect example how artists have the uncanny ability of finding beauty in the most unassuming places.