From the Roaring Twenties to the neon colors of the 1980s, designers have long been taking cues from pop culture highlights when creating today’s latest collection. For the Spring Summer 2022 season, Zuhair Murad draws inspiration from the yé-yé era for a lineup of retro bridal styles that are as edgy and sensual as they are charming and endearing.

As a form of counterculture that arose during the sixties, yé-yé was a category of pop music that became prominent throughout Southern Europe. With musical roots in French music, jazz, baroque, and a combination of British and American rock and roll, the music and culture was characterized as quite campy and “tongue-in-cheek.” This is the same playful, captivating vibe alluded to in Zuhair Murad’s 2022 collection of retro bridal styles.

The fashion house describes the collection as:

“Bewitching white prevails, shining with bright alloys and sparkling crystals, while princess cut dresses swish with both majestic and delicate fabrics… Bustier and plunging necklines underline a poetic romanticism.

Both sensual and voluptuous, the silk tulle wraps the body with unfurling jewelry embroidery. The overskirt gives the masterful rhythm and the Mikado draped in an unparalleled ravishment narrows at the waist for a femininity accentuated by an amazing slit. The rustle of taffeta infuses the modesty of a contemporary bride, while the deployment of sequins embroidered geometrically highlights the charm of a bust like an invitation to enchantment. Transparency is ennobled with the embroidered lace closely enveloping the skin and playing the favorites with delicate plumetis ruffles.

The nuptial atmosphere of evanescent sensuality reigns over this collection dedicated for love and glamour. Weddings are the happiest events, and nuptial festivities are out of this world.”

Where to buy Zuhair Murad wedding dresses:
L’Elite Bridal – Boston, MA
Saks 5th Avenue – Beverly Hills, CA
Dimitra’s – Chicago, IL
Ever After Miami – Miami, FL
Roma Sposa – Birmingham, MI
Estis – Brooklyn, NY
Kleinfeld – New York, NY
Saks 5th Avenue – New York, NY