ZUHAIR MURAD Bridal collection fall 2024

Defying tradition and venturing into the depths of mystical charm, the ZUHAIR MURAD Bridal collection for Autumn 2024 unfolds, to mesmerize. A bride emerges from it, mysterious and ethereal, ready to narrate her tale of enchantment.

Drawing inspiration from an enigmatic era, romance unfolds as a dance, mysterious and mystical. Timeless silhouettes take center stage, captivating with intricate details that celebrate the essence of charmed romance.

Transporting you into a world of reverie, this collection harmoniously weaves modern elegance with a seductive touch through its bewitching details.

A palette of pearly white hues envelops the silhouettes and projects a subtle radiance. Silk tulle adorns finely embroidered gowns and drapes over high necklines for a regal finish. The dresses are adorned with falling rose and thorn motifs, raven's wings, and sunbeams.

From a long-sleeved blouse to a ball gown, a lace masterpiece decomposes in refinery, while overskirts and bows accentuate the bride's versatility and delight.