Embarking on a journey into the depths of Phoenician history, the ZUHAIR MURAD Bridal Spring 2025 embodies the timeless spirit of an ancient civilization. Each gown serves as a tapestry, intricately adorned with golden touches that cast a subtle radiance reminiscent of the Mediterranean sun. As the bride strolls into the garden of a bygone era, the orchards and vineyards infuse the atmosphere with the scent of spring, transporting her to a realm of ethereal romance.

Letters delicately embroidered in thin gold threads dance across the fabric, while motifs enhance each gown, weaving stories of love.

Herbal prints intertwine with refined lace, wrapping around figure-hugging or voluminous dresses, as veils and capes flow gracefully.

An ample satin bow cinches the waist, while high necklines exude an effortless sophistication evoking the everlasting elegance of the Phoenician legacy. Shoulders are revealed in squared necklines, off-the-shoulder styles, and tastefully structured bustiers.

The mikado fabric, firm yet fluid, uncovers a billowing skirt and a softly draped bodice. At times, blouses seamlessly blend into the dresses, accentuating their versatility.

Sculptures shimmer into the embroidery while crystals cascade like the waves of the sea. Branches of olives and grapes intertwine with classic weaponry, adorning the fabric and transforming the bride into a goddess from an ancient legend.

A palette of white and ivory seduces the collection, merging finesse with purity, and capturing an eternal allure.