Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring Everything You Need to Know
Do you know the difference and meaning behind engagement and wedding rings? Both engagement and wedding rings are important symbols of love and commitment for two people. Both rings are prepared at the time of marriage, but many people may not know the specific differences between them. In this issue, we compare the two and introduce their meanings. Learn about the thoughts behind the rings and use them as a reference when making your purchase.

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?
An engagement ring is often presented as a surprise during a marriage proposal. Normally it is the male who presents the ring to the female as a sign of love and commitment, with the promise of marrying one day, however, nowadays it is increasingly common for same-gender couples to propose to one another or for females to propose marriage to males.

The wedding ring, sometimes referred to as a wedding band, on the other hand, is something that the couple picks and prepares together as a sign of their marriage. While the engagement ring is worn only by the woman, wedding rings are worn by both the man and the woman, or both parties in the case of same-gender couples. One major difference between the engagement and wedding ring is that the cost of the wedding rings is generally shared by both parties, while the engagement ring is bought solely by the person who proposes.

Meaning of an engagement ring
Engagement rings have been used since ancient Roman times as a sign of engagement. In the Middle Ages, wealthy people began to embellish engagement rings with precious stones and jewels, and by the 15th century, diamonds became the trend ever since. Diamond engagement rings became the most popular type of engagement rings by the end of the 19th century.
It is important to note that although the ring is called an “engagement ring”, it does not mean that it is only for the engagement period, it can be worn during marriage as well, along with the wedding ring on the same finger.

Meaning of a marriage ring
Wedding rings are a symbol of commitment and love between two people, it is the promise to be there through the good and the bad, the ups, and downs. A promise to love someone unconditionally for life.

Not only wedding rings are a symbol of the love and commitment between two people, It is also a sign for other people to know the person is already taken, therefore, the person is not available to be courted.

Moreover, weddings carry a special feeling that serves as a reminder of the good times and love, which helps one to push through the difficult times that might arraise in the relationship and marriage.

Designs of engagement and marriage rings
Although there is a vast variety of engagement rings, the most common type of engagement ring is the diamond-studded type. Solitaire rings with a single diamond claw are the standard and are said to be the design that brings out the brilliance of the diamond. Wedding rings on the other hand, tend to be simple, comfortable to wear, and more skin-friendly than engagement rings, as these do not tend to have protruding surfaces like gems or diamonds that can scratch the skin, but rather have a smooth surface. Popular designs among men are the classic low dome, also known as rounded, and the flat band, which has a contemporary look, however both are not intricate but rather very smooth and simple. Both rings are usually engraved on the inside surface of the ring, and although it depends on the design of the ring and the store, initials, dates, and favorite words can be added.

Design of an engagement ring
When most people think of engagement rings, they think of solitaire rings with a single sparkling diamond. But there are many other designs to choose from. As mentioned before, engagement rings can be worn during the marriage rather than just the engagement period so if you are conscious of layering it with your wedding ring, you will find yourself wearing it more often. If you choose freely and without preconceived notions, you will surely find your favorite engagement ring.

  • Solitaire: A standard engagement ring. A single gemstone (diamond) is usually clawed into the ring. This design highlights the beauty of the gemstone.
  • Melee: One to several small melee diamonds are placed beside the center stone. Depending on the way it is decorated, it can be either lovely or elegant.
  • Pavé: A design in which the center stone is surrounded by melee diamonds like tatami mats (pavé in French). It is voluminous and creates a luxurious look.
  • Eternity: A design in which diamonds of the same size are arranged neatly on an arm. There are two types: half eternity and full eternity.

Designs of a marriage ring
There is a great deal of variation in wedding ring designs. Without any knowledge, you may not be able to narrow down the key points and have no idea what they are. Knowing the types of decorations, materials, lines, surface finishes, etc., and thinking about what you would like will help you to identify your particular points and make it easier to choose.


  • Simple: A simple arm with no decoration. Depending on the width, material, and surface finish of the ring, the same simplicity can have different looks.
  • With melee diamonds: Rings with one to several diamonds create a glamorous atmosphere and are popular among women. Eternity rings with diamonds arranged neatly on the arm are also popular.
  • Milling: Milling is a decorative technique in which a series of small grains are stamped on the edge of a ring. It has a classical look, and is recommended for women as well as for men who are particular about their jewelry and want something unique.
  • Decorative engraving: A pattern is engraved on the surface of the ring. Japanese carving, Hawaiian carving, openwork carving, and other types of carving are popular among those who desire a unique ring. One-point decorative engraving is recommended for those who prefer simplicity.
  • Trick Type: Some rings have unique tricks, such as a meaningful motif that emerges when two rings are joined together. In many cases, they are made in full order.


  • Platinum: top of the line material for wedding rings. Its shining white color has been considered suitable for marriage. It has high hardness and is said to be resistant to discoloration and tarnishing.
  • Yellow Gold: The color of gold changes depending on the metal with which it is mixed. Yellow gold mixed with silver or copper is characterized by a bright color that blends well with the finger.
  • Pink Gold: Pink gold, a bright and soft color mixed with copper, is especially popular among women because of its lovely atmosphere.
  • Combination: A combination of two different metals such as platinum and gold. Both shades can be enjoyed and give a sense of individuality to the taste. For those who are not sure which is better, platinum or gold.


  • Straight:A line that looks good on any finger. Even those who are not accustomed to wearing rings can wear it without resistance, and it can be easily stacked.
  • S-shape: The wavy line is characterized by a horizontal "S" shape. It has a feminine and soft image, but the type with gentle curves is popular among men as well.
  • V-shape: It is said to have a visual effect to make fingers look longer. The deeper the angle of the V, the sharper the impression.


  • Luster Finish: Also called mirror finish. This is a standard finish for wedding rings, in which the surface of the ring is polished to make it shine like a mirror.
  • Matte Finish: A finish in which fine lines are added to the surface to reduce luster and make the surface soft and shiny. Also called "hairline finish" or "matte finish.
  • Hammering: The surface of a ring is hammered to give it an uneven texture. Basically, it is finished by hand, and its natural flavor is appealing.

Shapes of cross section

  • Flat: The surface of the ring is flat. The edges of the ring stand out, making the lines stand out and giving a sharp impression.
  • High dome: The surface is plump and round. This shape has been a standard for a long time and is loved by both men and women for its soft impression
  • Low dome: If you are concerned about wearing comfort, pay attention to the process called low dome. The inner corners of the ring are rounded to soften the feel against the skin. The inside of a ring can be rounded on the inside of a rounded or even flat-edged ring.

What jewelry do you suggest for engagement and wedding rings?
Although there is no set rule for the gemstone to be displayed, diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, with diamonds around 0.3 carats being the most popular. Wedding rings are often adorned with smaller gemstones, and sometimes include each other's birthstones in addition to diamonds.

Gemstones for an engagement ring

Diamonds are the standard choice of gemstone for engagement rings because they are the hardest mineral on earth and are very rare. Because diamonds do not get scratched and continue to shine forever, they have romantic stone words such as "eternal bond" and "purity," making them perfect for rings that represent a vow of love. Diamonds come in a variety of colors other than colorless and transparent, and pink diamonds are also popular.

Gemstones for an marriage ring

In the case of wedding rings, since they are often worn on a daily basis, many people keep the gemstones modest. Some people value simplicity and do not decorate their rings with gemstones, while others dare to set them on the reverse side of the ring. In addition to the standard diamond, the choice of gemstones, such as a favorite gemstone or each other's birthstones, can also add individuality to the ring.

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