Vintage jewelry and heirloom pieces will always be a favorite for many couples due to their timeless beauty and sentimental value. Contemporary engagement rings, however, have their place as well. Today’s diamond rings focus more on the rock itself, with large diamonds that make a statement, minus any “fluff.” Think clean settings, and a brilliant stone that will elevate any wedding gown worn by the modern bride.

This 5-carat round brilliant-cut white diamond ring by Cora features sleek side stones that add a touch more glitz, without being gaudy. The gorgeous simplicity of this ring would make the perfect complement to an equally minimal wedding dress with a sleek silhouette.

Tiffany & Co. –

Presented in that coveted little blue box, this diamond engagement ring trio from Tiffany & Co. is a sampling of three different cuts to suit any modern bride. Round engagement rings encircled by pave diamonds have become a favorite in recent years, and Tiffany’s version features 8 carats of sparkle. Alternatively, Tiffany’s 6-carat pear-shaped diamond and 8-carat cushion-shaped diamond boast the same style of brilliance.

Stephen Webster –

For the less traditional bride, this stunning “Love Me, Love Me Not” ring by British jewelry designer Stephen Webster is pink floral perfection. Set in 18K rose gold with pink opal and white diamonds, it was practically made for a spring or summer wedding celebration.

Graff Diamonds –
For women who have always dreamed of a big rock, this 32-carat emerald-cut ring from Graff Diamonds wasn’t made for wallflowers. The chunky style is edgy and dramatic, yet balanced with a sleek band and side stones.

De Beers –

With a look of pure ice, the 1888 white master emerald-cut diamond ring by De Beers is a modern-day showstopper. Without any side stones or pave details, this is a diamond that needs no “extras” to shine.

De Beers
Combining a contemporary aesthetic with a subtle nod to classic regality via pave diamonds, this emerald-cut ring is fitting for any woman who wants to feel like a queen on her wedding day.

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