For more than 50 years, PICCHIOTTI has been a fine jewelry brand synonymous with craftsmanship, artistry, and family. The company was founded by Giuseppe Picchiotti in 1967; and since its inception in Valenza, Italy, PICCHIOTTI has offered five decades of brilliance to jewelry lovers around the world. Coming from a long line of distinguished pharmacists, it was Giuseppe Picchiotti who decided to go against tradition by becoming a goldsmith and apprenticing at a small Valenza workshop at the age of 13. To this day, that same spirit of innovation and “going against the grain” continues with the PICCHIOTTI Xpandable™ collection – a unique selection of wedding bands, engagement rings, and bracelets that guarantees a perfect fit.

Just as its name suggests, the Xpandable™ collection literally expands and contracts to provide comfortable, durable wear. Not only do Xpandable™ wedding bands and engagement rings stretch over knuckles to provide an ideal fit; they can grow and shrink with a woman throughout her life, whether there’s swelling in her fingers during pregnancy, or any other size fluctuations. Most importantly, the detailed patented process of manufacturing ensures that these brilliant and exquisite rings will last a lifetime, just like your love.

The Xpandable™ collection launched in 2016 with ten styles and has since grown to feature more than 200 beautiful designs. Brides can choose wedding bands and bracelets from a wide variety of classic white diamonds, yellow diamonds, colorful gemstones and precious metals to put together a stunning bridal jewelry wardrobe for the big day. Even after the wedding, jewelry aficionados will love stacking, mixing and matching the Xpandable™ rings and bracelets that range from classic designs to more modern styles with geometric elements. The bracelets are especially fitting for those who’d rather not fumble around with cumbersome clasps.

Recently, PICCHIOTTI was granted a 20-year U.S. patent for its Xpandable™ technology, which boasts invisibility and no “memory” – that is, the pieces can expand and shrink without getting stretched out. Giuseppe, who still oversees the creation of PICCHIOTI jewelry, says, “My family and I are incredibly proud to have been awarded a rare and meaningful U.S. jewelry patent. We knew from the beginning that the genius of this technology was special and that it would ensure long-lasting comfort for our customers. The patent now sanctions the originality of our invention and ensures Xpandable™ customers can be confident they are getting a genuine PICCHIOTTI creation.”

From walking down the aisle to accessorizing for a night out on the town, take the guesswork out of finding the perfect fit with Xpandable™ engagement rings, wedding bands and bracelets.

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