Collections: Les Coeurs Entrelaces &Pyramid Kollection

There’s a short list of octogenarians who, despite their age, continue to have an insatiable drive to rock their inner style. And speaking of rocks, consider the latest jewelry collection of renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld, aged 82. His history of eponymous creative ventures—from designing for the fashion houses of Chanel and Fendi, plus a third namesake label Karl Lagerfeld, to restaurant and hotel design—has led to crafting the universal symbol of engagement into a brand that is iconic, aspirational and cool.

Synonymous with signature couture in all its facets, Karl Lagerfeld Bridal Jewelry is a luxurious line of engagement rings and wedding bands that delves deep into the heart of design, touching on a subject that is all about emotion and feelings.

This is a new realm for the fashion icon whose energy seems inexhaustible when it comes to the creative process. Not surprisingly, the ultimate symbol of “Love from Paris” has become Karl Lagerfeld’s latest muse. Referring to his luxury collection of bridal jewelry, he admits that he had never designed a ring for this occasion. With Parisian sophistication and flair, this stunning collection embodies three distinct styles.

Collection: The Perspective Kollection

Each “Kollection” features unique design details that may be translated many different ways to reflect the couple choosing the ring. The Pyramid Kollection focuses on the pointed stud motif reminiscent of the iconic symbol he has used in many edgy accessory designs. This reoccurring design leads up the ring shank enhancing the center diamond.

The Perspective Kollection includes contrasting geometric shapes as halos to transform the look from something very traditional to something a bit unexpected. The Arch Kollection is romantically inspired by curves and archways of cathedrals seen throughout Paris. All are available in 18-karat white and yellow gold as well as platinum through Combining the ideas of love and harmony, a Limited Edition engagement ring was recently unveiled, encapsulating Karl Lagerfeld’s vision for this fine jewelry line. “You have to feel what a woman wants. It’s like a game, a challenge.” With this sentiment in mind, the exclusive Les Coeurs Entrelaces (The Interlaced Hearts) features the outlines of two intertwined diamond hearts, which encompass a marquise shaped center stone.

As one of the world’s most renowned luxe style visionaries, Karl Lagerfeld has delivered yet another inspirational collection, this time in the form of bridal jewelry that appeals to the modern aesthetic of today’s millennial couple seeking a cutting-edge approach to a timeless token of love.

> Written by Kim Wadsworth