As Seen in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Photography by: Kellie Walsh, 4 Eyes Photography Oval Diamond Ring set in Platinum Kwiat

1 Kwiat Radiant-Cut Diamond Ring with Baguette Side Stones. 2. Kwiat Asscher-Cut Ring in Four Prong Setting. 3. Kwiat Emerald Ring with Diamond Baguettes. 4. Kwiat Emerald-Cut Ring with Tapered Baguettes Stones. 5.  Lugano Diamond Fusion Cut Pink Diamond Ring set in 18K White and Rose gold. 


A single engagement ring holds so much symbolism and significance, as it represents the start of a couple’s new life together. Even in the best of circumstances, however, shopping for the perfect diamond can be incredibly overwhelming. There’s countless styles and cuts to consider – not to mention, a wide range of jewelers from which to choose. To make the ring shopping process easier for those who are on the brink of a proposal, we have narrowed down the best engagement rings for 2023, from five of the world’s best jewelry designers.

As Seen in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Photography by: Cheryl Richards Photographer 

1 De Beers DB Classic Pear-Shaped Exceptional Solitaire. 2 De Beers DB Classic Cushion-Cut Diamond Ring. 3 De Beers Aura Fancy Color Oval-Shaped Ring. 4 De Beers Old Bond Street Emerald-Cut Diamond.

White diamonds will always be a timeless engagement ring choice, but – as Kwiat demonstrates – incorporating pops of color can be a stunning option as well. Along with classic, radiant cut diamond rings, Kwiat offers an incredible emerald engagement ring with diamond baguettes. For a ring that will make her feel like Hollywood royalty, there’s also a fusion cut pink diamond ring, surrounded with round, brilliant white diamonds. The brand was founded in 1907 by Sam Kwiat, and the family continues to design and craft some of the best engagement rings for 2023 brides.

As Seen in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Photography by: Kellie Walsh, 4 Eyes Photography

1 Tiffany & Co. Engagement Rings with Round Diamonds set in Platinum. 2 Tiffany & Co. Men’s Engagement Ring in Black Titanium with Emerald-cut Diamond. 3 Tiffany & Co. Men’s Engagement Ring in Platinum with a Round Brilliant Diamond. 

As copywriter Frances Gerety once wrote at a marketing agency in 1947, “A diamond is forever.” Synonymous with that catchy tagline, De Beers has long been a favorite source of engagement rings for couples around the world. We credit their success to the consistent creation of classic shapes that – much like being in love – never go out of style. From cushion cuts to emerald cuts, these rings are a beautiful choice for modern traditionalists.

As Seen in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Photography by: Michael David Adams

1 Jean Dousset Oui Chloe Oval Solitaire Ring. 2 Jean Dousset Halle Three-Stone Emerald Engagement Ring. 3 Jean Dousset Chelsea Solitaire Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring. 4 Jean Dousset Oui Chloe Round Solitaire Ring. 

Of course, no engagement ring selection would be complete without options from Tiffany & Co. For 2023, our favorite Tiffany engagement rings are modern and relatively minimal in style. A single round diamond in a platinum setting is enough to look like a brilliant star upon her finger. Tiffany also has a wonderful selection of men’s engagement rings with emerald and round cut diamonds set in platinum or black titanium.  

As Seen in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Photography by: Michael David Adams

1 Harry Winston Pear-Shaped Ring with Tapered Baguette Side Stones. 2 Harry Winston Tryst Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. 

Without a doubt, Louis Cartier – the great-great-grandfather of Jean Dousset – would be proud of the artistry and vision that Dousset has contributed to today’s jewelry industry. Along with producing gorgeous collections of timeless engagement rings, there’s one other characteristic of Jean Dousset diamonds that set them apart: Many of the diamonds are lab-grown. Lab-grown diamonds make those solitaire rings even more impressive.  

For the ultra-glamorous who will be saying “yes” in 2023, the best engagement ring picks will likely come from the iconic Harry Winston. From pear and heart-shaped diamonds to tapered baguette stones, a Harry Winston engagement ring is as exquisite as it gets.