Diamonds have long been a symbol of love and luxury, with diamond engagement rings being a timeless token to mark the start of a couple’s new journey together. For some couples, an engagement ring may be a treasured family heirloom that has been passed down for generations; and for others, shopping for diamond engagement rings is an opportunity to start their own tradition by choosing a ring that represents their individual love story.

When choosing a diamond engagement ring, trends such as colored diamonds or unique settings may come and go, whereas certain shapes – round, princess cut, cushion cut, oval, marquise, pear, radiant cut, and emerald cut – will always be timeless picks. Be mindful of the “Four C’s” of diamonds while engagement ring shopping, which are cut, color, clarity, and carat, and fully customizable depending on which jeweler a couple chooses. It may be overwhelming with so many options and suppliers around the world, but these jewelry designers all have a history of producing the most exquisite and timeless diamond engagement rings that have graced the fingers of countless brides throughout history.

ChopardLa Maison Chopard may have started out as a leader in Swiss watches during the 19th century, but this jewelry house has since become one of the most popular names in the realm of diamond engagement rings. From a stunning 20.32ct emerald-cut diamond ring flanked by half-moon shaped diamonds set in 18k white gold, to a 40.06ct bracelet of Asscher-cut diamonds set in platinum, diamond jewelry by Chopard is guaranteed to deliver a “wow” factor. 

De Beers - “A diamond is forever.” Copywriter Frances Gerety first coined this phrase at a Philadelphia marketing agency in 1947, which De Beers then used as its tagline to promote sales after the Great Depression. Today, one can hardly hear the quote “diamonds are forever” without associating it with the brand. 

Tiffany & Co. It doesn’t get much more romantic, timeless, and quintessentially “New York” than shopping for a diamond engagement ring at the Tiffany & Co. flagship store on East 57th street, just off Fifth Avenue. An emerald-cut diamond ring set in platinum from Tiffany’s is simply stunning, and the brand has also become known for its collection of yellow diamonds – especially its cushion-cut yellow diamond rings surrounded by classic white diamonds.

Graff New YorkPear-shaped diamond engagement rings often get mixed reviews, especially since Carrie Bradshaw made a fuss about finding a pear-shaped diamond from Aiden in an episode of Sex and the City. Graff New York, however, has reclaimed this classic shape with stunners like a 20.01ct pear-shaped yellow diamond ring, and a 9.02ct pear-shaped diamond drop necklace with emerald and baguette-cut diamonds. Both are perfect for a bride to wear on her wedding day.

William GoldbergBronx-born diamond icon William Goldberg once said, “The perfect diamond is the one that makes you perfectly joyous.” After he started cutting diamonds in 1948, Goldberg went on to build a brand known for its rare stones, integrity in preserving a single diamond’s unique beauty, and a genuine love for the reaction that diamonds can bring to people. One of his most famous diamonds is the Premier Rose, which was “rescued” from a conveyor belt at the Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa, on its way to be destroyed in 1978. At 353.9 carats in its rough state, Goldberg and his partners in South Africa ended up purchasing the diamond from De Beers and spent a painstaking 385 sawing the enormous stone into three separate diamonds – The Premier Rose at 137.02 carats (the world’s sixth largest pear-shaped diamond), The Little Rose at 31.48 carats, and The Baby Rose at 2.11 carats. 

Stephen Webster Stephen Webster is a world-renowned British jewelry designer who most recently won the 2021 Grosvenor Sustainability Award. This award acknowledges Webster’s efforts in becoming an environmental and social leader who has successfully produced fine jewelry while keeping sustainability at the heart of his brand and its practices. For those who believe in conscious consumerism, diamond rings by Stephen Webster prove that luxury and sustainability can absolutely co-exist. 

Norman SilvermanBased in Los Angeles, Norman Silverman Diamonds was established in 1983 and became known for offering buyers an expansive selection of diamonds including white, pink, yellow, and blue. Each stone is approached as a bespoke masterpiece, which is then crafted to perfection into stunners such as a 12.50ct oval-cut center diamond ring with a platinum setting. 

Oscar HeymanOscar Heyman has been sourcing precious stones from around the world and creating fine jewelry in New York City since 1912. Many of the brand’s engagement rings would be fitting for brides who would prefer their design to have a royal flair – particularly the 16ct Cabochon emerald ring surrounded by white and yellow diamonds.

CartierFor many women, a little red box from Cartier would be a dream come true. Round diamonds have a particular sparkle to them, and the Destinee engagement ring from Cartier shines like a star in its pristine platinum setting. 

Harry Winston Diamond engagement rings by Harry Winston will always be in style. (A Harry Winston timepiece also makes for an ultra-luxe groom’s gift.) There’s a multitude of options, but couples will never go wrong with a timeless design such as a 6ct diamond oval solitaire ring with tapered baguettes set in platinum. 

PicchiottiWith humble beginnings in Italy, Picchiotti has become a heritage brand and Italy’s premier fine jeweler – all, stemming from founder Giuseppe Picchiotti and his exceptional work in the ancient Italian village of Valenza. A one-of-a-kind emerald-cut diamond ring with baguettes by Picchiotti would be a beautiful selection for brides in search of an engagement ring that is truly hers. 

Neil LanePop culture fans will know Neil Lane from shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but the suitcase of diamond engagement rings revealed on television is only a small sampling of what the diamond master has to offer his couples. A 4ct round fancy colored diamond ring set in rose gold and a 2ct round fancy colored diamond ring set in yellow gold are two gorgeous alternatives to traditional white diamonds and platinum.

Van Cleef & ArpelsIf there’s one jewelry brand that embodies a real-life love story, it’s Van Cleef & Arpels. When Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef were married in Paris in 1895, their union sparked the beginning of a brand that represents a love of family, innovation, and precious stones. The Maison of Van Cleef & Arpels officially launched in 1906, and the couple’s daughter, Renee Puissant, eventually became the Artistic Director in 1926, forming the recognizable Van Cleef & Arpels aesthetic that we know today. Whether it’s the flowery Josephine Ring with its pink center, or a timeless solitaire ring with an emerald-cut diamond framed by tapered baguettes, a diamond engagement ring by Van Cleef & Arpels always carries a bit of whimsy and imagination. 

RahaminovAs a heritage company currently operated by its third generation, Rahaminov Diamonds has been in business for more than 70 years. In 1989, Tamara Rahaminov and her husband Amir Goldfiner streamlined the brand in Los Angeles and transformed it into a luxury supplier of fine jewelry with incredible designs like the cushion-cut diamond engagement ring with a micropave setting. 

Martin KatzBeverly Hills is home to all things “luxury,” and Martin Katz’s jewelry boutique is no exception. His jewelry has been worn by Angelina Jolie, Gigi Hadid, Ashley Graham, Nicole Kidman, and Sandra Bullock – to name but a few of his A-List clients – and he describes his pieces as being “contemporary with an old soul.” In other words, they’re timeless. Undoubtedly, the ultimate Beverly Hills love story would include popping the question with a Martin Katz 3.03ct oval diamond engagement ring accented by 46 additional diamonds, followed by a black-tie wedding at The Beverly Hills Hotel.