In last year’s Fall/Winter 2018 issue, we published an interview with skin care guru, Mila Moursi, creator of Mila Moursi Advanced Skin Care.

As the go-to aesthetician for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars (think Charlize Theron and Jennifer Anniston), Mila is known for combining her love of natural ingredients with the latest in cosmetic science and technology. The result? A luxurious line of results-based skin care products that work to achieve a flawless complexion.

“The DNA of my brand is very French,” says Mila. “It’s made in France, but it grew in California. It’s like a Franco-American brand in a sense. It has the artistry of the French knowhow, but it also incorporates American technology. I wanted a line that is natural, but scientific at the same time. I love nature, plant extracts, and natural oils; but when you really want to work on lines and wrinkles, you need science. My respect for nature combined with my respect for science gives me a product that can work for both.”

Signature Mila Moursi products include the Refining Lotion, which can produce visible results in as little as fourteen days, and the Mila Moursi sunscreen – an advanced formula that protects skin from the sun and pollution, without clogging pores

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