Scheduling time for regular workouts can be difficult during the wedding planning process – especially if you’re hosting a destination wedding and jetting back and forth between two cities. Rather than turning to crash diets and juice cleanses while you’re “shredding for the wedding,” take a healthier approach to your wedding bod with the TRX Home2 System. Bonus: It includes a yearlong subscription to the TRX App filled smart and effective training options.

Even if you’ve never heard of the name TRX, you’ve probably seen the Suspension Trainer at the gym or a friend’s home. Created by a Navy SEAL who wanted to stay strong and conditioned while deployed, TRX is now the workout equipment of choice for military personnel, professional athletes, and supermodels.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a single tool that delivers a full-body workout, sculpting shoulders, chiseling arms, tightening abs, strengthening the back, lifting the booty, and tightening the legs. Plus, it’s super easy to pack and use while you’re away from home – no extra equipment or special walls required.

Using your own body weight, the Suspension Trainer helps to build long, lean muscles. Simple modifications like taking a step forward or back can make most TRX moves easier or harder, and adjusting your angle will increase your load and workout intensity.

Worried about whittling your middle in time for the big day? The TRX features a shifty circle called the Stabilizing Loop. That loop forces your core to fire when you do any TRX exercise; so, whether you’re doing a row or a bicep curl, your core is getting stronger.

A wedding workout program is all about helping the bride feel and look her best, and the TRX Suspension Trainer is the perfect pre-nuptial training tool. From full-body workouts to calming yoga sessions, shake up your routine and get the results you want in as little as eleven sessions.

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