For brides who are planning out their wedding wardrobes, exquisite evening wear and designer wedding dresses often go hand-in-hand. Rather than wearing one wedding gown throughout the entire day, many brides will slip into a different gown for the wedding reception; and some have multiple dress changes throughout the entire evening, expressing themselves with a full-on bridal fashion parade.

Once the wedding ceremony has concluded and traditional wedding photos have been taken, brides have the opportunity to experiment with the more artistic side of fashion. Reception and afterparty gowns may fall within the bridal realm of white and cream-colored fabrics; or brides may take a completely different turn with stunning black evening gowns and red carpet-worthy showstoppers. In the realm of couture gowns and the top evening wear looks for Fall 2022, Jean-Louis Sabaji continues to reign supreme.

Originally from Lebanon, Jean-Louis Sabaji made his grand entrance into the international fashion market by showcasing incredible collections of dramatic gowns and unique details. His brand was founded in Beirut a decade ago, and Sabaji’s name has since become synonymous with high-fashion and surrealism. It is his use of surrealist elements, in particular, that has set him apart from the wave of talented fashion designers who emerged from Lebanon around the same time.

“As young designers, and to keep the good name of the country which was built by the likes of Elie [Saab] and Zuhair [Murad], we should revolutionize and modernize the fashion industry,” says Sabaji. “We have to carve our own path.”

Sabaji continues to carve the most stunning path through the bridal and evening wear categories with his Fall 2022 collection – each gown, offering a gorgeous second wedding look option for receptions and afterparties. Numbering each of his gowns, couture No. 9 is comprised of a sheer black gown with built-in gloves embroidered with white silk threads and microbeads. It is completed with a cascading skirt of silk organza.

The collection also features several gowns with a scallop shell corset, adding an air of fantasy, playfulness, and a siren-like quality. Couture look No. 17 would be fitting for brides who want to go for a Venus vibe, as it features a glistening gold shell corset made of solid brass that has been studded with crystals. It is worn over a draped skirt made of gold foiled silk tulle.

Other ocean elements have been woven throughout the Fall 2022 collection, from coral prints, to nautical rope, to an all-white evening gown made of pearl white silk. Seahorses have even made a whimsical appearance in couture gown No. 34. This ornate gown is made of white silk crepe and displays a statement-making seahorse that has been crafted from embroidered crystals, glass beads, macro sequins, and metallic threadwork.

Wearing any couture gown by Jean-Louis Sabaji as a second wedding dress is the ultimate example of “wedding meets fashion.”