This year’s vacation season marks a new chapter for bridal designer Francesca Miranda. For the first time, the brand has launched its new Resort 2019 women’s collection – Francesca’s debut ready-to-wear line. Comprised of a selection of colorful dresses, jumpsuits, and mix-and-match separates, this collection was inspired by “the powerful sentiment of change and empowerment around present day women,” and was created with optimism and confidence in mind.

A great deal of symbolism and intent has gone in to the designer’s ready-to-wear collection, including a reoccurring cherry print – a playful way to ring in a new season. Bold peonies represent romance and prosperity while paying tribute to Francesca’s mother, as they are her favorite flower. Red is also prominent throughout the collection, chosen for its symbolism of good luck in many cultures and its striking appearance when worn by women.

Rather than intending her RTW fashions for a specific client, Francesca has opted to celebrate the multifaceted female via a wide range of materials and silhouettes that can be fitting for the modern fashionista in any setting. Linen pieces transition seamlessly from summer to fall; featherweight blouses are romantic and perfect for layering; savoir-faire inspired suits feature menswear tailoring for a powerful aesthetic; and organza skirts pair with crop tops for an effortless take on eveningwear.

Honeymoons are but one perfect opportunity to sport a breezy, full-length, floral dress for a romantic dinner for two. Or perhaps a strappy top with contrasting trousers for a relaxing day of sightseeing. Combining whimsical cherries with a sophisticated top creates a sultry yet sweet look, and a white pantsuit with a cropped bandeau top is a stylish rehearsal dinner ensemble. No matter which pieces you choose, the options are endless for creating your own signature look.

“For women by women, this collection is a celebration not only of how far we have come, but also for what is yet to come.”