If you are a prospective groom and are contemplating how to choose a pair of shoes for your wedding day, there are a few important factors that will help guide your decision. Ultimately, you should love wearing the groom’s shoes you choose on your wedding day and beyond.

While the possibilities may be endless, don’t feel overwhelmed by the array of choices. Here is a guide to help you decide which groom’s shoes are right for your wedding. 

Consider Comfort

The determining factor for the shoes you choose should be comfort. Good quality shoes are designed with comfort in mind. They should have proper arch support, breathable materials and cushioning to keep your feet comfortable and healthy. You shouldn’t wear shoes that only look good but are uncomfortable. Luckily, you can combine both esthetics and comfort and not have to compromise for one or the other. You will be on your feet for several hours on your wedding day so choosing shoes that fit well and are comfortable is imperative. Be sure to break in your new shoes before the wedding so you will avoid the discomfort of tightness or blisters. Wear them for an hour or two each day for several days around the house and let your feet get acquainted with your new groom’s shoes—you will be glad you did.

Consider Style

The style of the wedding and what you will be wearing on your wedding day will help you navigate towards the right shoe choice. While theoretically you can wear whatever you want, it is your wedding after all, consider the style of the event, the season and choose accordingly. For example, you will navigate in different shoe choice directions if your wedding is an evening black-tie affair, a spring afternoon celebration at the country club or a sunset ceremony and reception on the beach, just to name a few of the possible settings.

If you wear a formal tuxedo, an appropriate choice might be black patent leather. A classic suit or jacket and trousers might call for black or brown leather shoes which are always a classic choice. If the wedding has a more relaxed or casual vibe like a beach wedding and you wear linen pants and shirt, a good choice might be a pair of suede or leather loafers.

Consider Color

Black and brown are considered classic shoe colors and are also the most popular colors of choice. But provided your choice of attire and your personality supports it, don’t be afraid to branch off to a bold burgundy, a stylish navy or even a crisp white as a color choice.

Consider Quality

The prerequisite of comfort for a groom’s shoe mentioned previously, is closely linked to quality—quality of materials and quality of craftmanship. These two components account for comfort and durability. A well-crafted shoe with quality materials such as full-grain leather also makes for a good-looking shoe as subjective as good looking might be.

Consider Details

To further reflect your personality and style in your groom’s shoe choice, pay close attention to details such as neat, tight stitching, the finish, and any decorative elements. These small details make a significant difference in the overall look but also the feel of the shoes. Good quality shoes are made with great attention to detail, ensuring that every component of the shoe is made to a high standard.

Consider the fact you will be wearing the wedding shoes you choose after your wedding as well. So combining purpose and longer term function is a practical approach. A formal choice of shoes will serve you well for all formal post-wedding occasions that will certainly come up. Whereas a more casual choice will also be appropriate for more frequent use. Whatever your choice might be, be sure to enjoy wearing your wedding shoes long after your wedding day.

Lastly, don’t overlook accessories. Consider pairing your shoes with complementary accessories such as a belt or cufflinks to complete your groom's look.

Where to look for good quality Groom’s Shoes

Allen Edmonds is a popular American shoe brand that specializes in men's dress shoes, casual shoes, and boots. The company was founded in 1922 and is headquartered in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Allen Edmonds shoes are known for their high quality and craftsmanship. They are made using traditional methods and high-quality materials, including full-grain leather, cork footbeds, and leather soles. The shoes are also known for their comfort, durability, and classic styling. To ensure they can be worn for a lifetime or passed down as an heirloom, the brand offers shoe recrafting services out of its Port Washington, Wisconsin, factory, which has saved over 500,000 pairs of shoes from landfills over the last 10 years.

Their Spring Collection breaks tradition with bold, saturated colors and icons reimagined with fresh features and details this season. The collection shows the brand’s commitment to remastering the classics everyone already loves.

Combining high-gloss polish with the sleek shape of a traditional oxford, the Carlyle Plain-Toe Oxford in Black Patent Leather is the best wedding shoe for grooms that are going to be wearing a tuxedo.

The Park Avenue Dress Sneaker in Black Patent Leather is the kick you should be wearing when you want to look sharp without sacrificing comfort. A hybrid dress sneaker reimagined with lustrous patent leather.

You can ignore the old traditions. Getting dressed up could mean lacing up a pair of sneakers or slipping into a streamlined loafer like the James Dress Loafer. As effortless as it is elegant, this is how you redefine looking your best.

Some of Allen Edmonds' most popular shoe styles include the Park Avenue, Strand, Fifth Avenue, McAllister, and Higgins Mill.

In addition to their shoes, Allen Edmonds also offers a range of accessories, including belts, socks, and shoe care products. The company operates several retail stores throughout the United States, as well as an online store.