Barberia Pisterzi was founded in 2015 in Milan by Gian Antonio Pisterzi – a graduate of the prestigious Steiner Academy in London. As an international Master Barber, Gian’s clientele includes luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Acqua di Parma. In his own words, the Italian Master Barber walks us through the best skincare routine for grooms, and how to apply his Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art product line.

Clean and luminous skin, a well-groomed tailored haircut, and a beard trim are the basis for a perfect image on one of the most important days of your life. For this reason, I would recommend a daily routine using four of our products: Free Zone Mask and Scrub, Daily Cleanser and Sculpting Shaving, Face and Eye Guard Treatment and Solid Serum.

Let’s start with the Free Zone Mask and Scrub, a dual function face mask with a creamy and soft texture that deeply purifies the skin and hinders the proliferation of the bacterium that causes acne eliminates dead cells for a smoother, brighter, and purified skin. We recommend using it every day in the morning for only two minutes to remove all dead cells on the skin and prepare the skin for the shave, or every night to remove the daily pollution which has accumulated throughout the day. The Free Zone Mask and Scrub can be rinsed out using warm water. 

It is formulated with 93% of ingredients of natural origin and nickel-free in full respect of even the most sensitive skin, it is suitable for normal, combination and / or dry skin. Formulated with natural clay used for its absorbent and mattifying properties, it detoxifies problematic skin, helping to reduce sebum and soothing redness. Made with X-PRESSIN CTM, an advanced enzymatic exfoliating system based on Carica Papaya with a high degree of papain. It exerts a high exfoliating activity able to reduce the superficial layer of dead cells and sebum and to stimulate the correct cell renewal by refreshing the beauty of the skin and renewing its appearance (1% of this ingredient has proved to be exfoliating being more delicate than glycolic acid on the skin).

The Free Zone Mask and Scrub could also be used just two times a week, either in the morning or at night. Once applied on the face skin it should be rinsed out after five minutes. If applied for 5 minutes at night, we recommend also using the Solid Serum as a mask to leave on all night.

The Daily Cleanser and Sculpting Shaving is a cleansing gel for daily use on the whole face with a fresh and light texture, and a dual function. it can also be used for precision shaving thanks to its filming power and its transparent consistency that facilitates the visibility of the areas to be shaved.

It is a very delicate formulation that deeply cleanses and purifies thanks to the presence of Vitamin C, and at the same time leaves the skin perfectly hydrated thanks to the presence of Trealix®, an active ingredient consisting of a balanced combination of a natural disaccharide (Trehalose) and vegetable proteins. Its structure mimics the composition of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF). It also helps to increase skin turgor and promotes the recovery of dry, reddened, and sensitive skin. Resulting in having the pores less visible, and the skin is clean, fresh, and pleasantly scented. The use of the product for precision shaving is flavored by the presence of Red Alga Gel®, an active ingredient composed of red seaweed extract from the Pacific Ocean with emollient, moisturizing, and film-forming properties. Thanks to its high concentration in carrageenan, Red Alga Gel® it can form a protective layer on the skin and restore the skin's optimal physiological conditions.

The Face and Eye Guard Treatment is a daily face and eye treatment developed in a gel formulation with high sensory performance.  It is formulated with 97% of ingredients of natural origin and free of nickel in full respect of even the most sensitive skin.

This is an infallible ally that helps maintain the balance of the skin without altering it. It hydrates, soothes, and protects the eye contour thanks to the presence of Eyedren®, a compound of amino acids that preserves the hydration of the eye area and helps reduce dark circles. If used daily after cleansing, it also deeply hydrates thanks to the presence of sweet almond oil and Vitamin E. With this treatment, the skin will also be more toned and elastic, with a natural lifting effect thanks to Pea Protein®, an active ingredient based on enzymatically hydrolyzed pea proteins able to act in synergy and leading to a protective effect, restructuring and moisturizing the skin. Also, thanks to its ability to reduce transepidermal water loss, Pea Protein® acts on the tone and elasticity of the skin. Since the skin must also be protected from pollution, the formulation has been enriched with a special active called Leniphenol®, a specific blend of 3 balanced polyphenols derived from certified industrial wood bark. It is made from recycled raw wood to combat deforestation while respecting the rights of local communities. It is a complex of lignin (main compound of the cortex) with multifunctional properties for the skin. The mixture of these polyphenols is obtained with a "green extraction technique" with a low environmental impact.

It can also be applied after shaving, helping to reduce the effects of redness and irritation caused by the passage of the razor, thanks to Symrelief ® a synergistic mix of Bisabolol and Ginger that helps reduce these post-shave effects and prevents them effectively.

Last, but not least, the routine can be completed with Solid Serum, a coconut-based energy booster that provides intense nourishment, perfect as a pre-shave product or an overnight SOS mask in a pinch when a strong moisturizing action is required.

Formulated with the use of 96% natural ingredients and nickel-free, it is suitable for normal, combination and / or dry skin. Water-free formulation, based on coconut oil to preserve skin hydration, it is enriched with a blend of vitamins C and E that make the skin more luminous and with MC2 ®, an active ingredient consisting of a balanced composition of botanical extracts: Tetrahydropiperine derived from black pepper fruits, ginseng extract, and açai fruit extract. It stimulates energy, vitality, and cellular metabolism, maintaining skin tone and enhancing radiance.

For Grooms with Beards

If our groom has a medium or long beard, I recommend our Purifying and Conditioning Beard Spray, a fresh and rapidly absorbed spray formulation that gives the beard shine and a pleasant scent, perfect for a last-minute touch-up before the ceremony starts! Your loved one will say I do right away!

As a fresh and fast absorption spray formulation, the Purifying and Conditioning Beard Spray uses a non-alcoholic formula leaving beards with no residue after application. Formulated with 97% of ingredients of natural origin and nickel-free, the spray respects even the most sensitive of skins.  Practical and easy to carry around, the spray can be applied as a conditioner whenever you want by simply massaging the lengths of the beard, leaving it shinier and pleasantly scented.

Pollution and particles often make the air heavy and unhealthy for our bodies, including beards. The beard is another outer layer of the human body that defends us from external agents. It is therefore extremely important to protect it by using anti-pollution treatments that contain antioxidants to combat the action of free radicals. For this reason, we have developed this product that aims to keep the beard shiny and healthy, thanks to the presence of Bipure®, an active ingredient that protects against oxidative stress and prevents glycation and free radical damage.


If I were to suggest a fragrance for the big day, considering that most of the weddings happen in summertime, I would say TONSTRINA 367 our fresh and bitter citrus Parfum de Cologne that elegantly claims a modern and lively style. It is a welcoming, generous, joyful fragrance; an explosion of fleshy lemon, orange and bergamot peel combined with the delicate bitterness of Abruzzo gentian. The idea was to describe the sparkling and contrasted atmosphere of the Soho neighborhood in New York, where the barbershop (or atelier, as we prefer to call it) is located and to which the fragrance is dedicated.

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