The Yolancris fashion house is a favorite amongst boho brides with a nomad-meets-haute-couture vibe. From short and spritely wedding dresses to full-length numbers made of vintage lace and daring cutouts, Yolancris has always contributed to head-turning fashion moments for brides around the world. Today, the brand has broken new ground with its first collection dedicated to the boho groom. Made with the same avant-garde approach and haute couture craftsmanship, the 2024 groom collection by Yolancris is an absolute gamechanger in the realm of menswear.

Who is the Boho Groom?

The boho groom embodies a unique and effortlessly chic style that combines elements of bohemian, rustic, and vintage aesthetics. Much like its boho bride counterpart, the boho groom is characterized by a relaxed and free-spirited approach to fashion, opting for unconventional choices like scarves instead of traditional bowties, or all-white ensembles with intentionally mismatched pieces. Flowing fabrics replace the stiffer tuxedo, and textures like lace and macrame are at the forefront of their wedding wardrobe, seamlessly blending elegance with the masculine.

Along with skinny scarves, accessories for the boho groom may include woven belts, beaded jewelry, and meaningful totems. Most importantly, they have a laid-back charm as they naturally embrace individuality and creativity for their wedding day.

The Yolancris 2024 Groom Collection

The key components of the Yolancris 2024 groom collection are individuality, expression, and haute couture tailoring.

“The collection offers grooms a platform to express their unique style,” says the team, “allowing them to stand out on their special day while harmonizing with their brides’ boho-inspired bridal attire. Each piece in the groom collection showcases Yolancris’ commitment to precision tailoring and quality craftsmanship, ensuring a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort.”

This is not menswear for the meek. Wide trousers are made of pleated chiffon. Details are made of beading and lace. Layers are made of delicate guipure. Ponchos make an appearance. Rather than simply debuting a new groom’s collection, Yolancris has created an entire boho groom revolution with the intent of celebrating diversity, creativity, and self-expression.

“We believe that every groom deserves to shine just as brightly as their brides,” the team states. Our bohemian chic style, characterized by flowing silhouettes, intricate lacework, and a sense of free-spirited elegance, has been meticulously adapted to suit the modern groom.”