1 Bulgari FEDI in Platinum. 2 Bulgari B.ZERO1 in White Gold.

With the wedding industry being so focused on diamond engagement rings, bridal gowns, and décor inspiration, men’s wedding bands often get pushed to the wayside during the wedding planning process. By default, some couples may simply opt for a plain band – which is fine if it aligns with their personal style. For couples who would like to put a bit more thought and creativity into their wedding ring selection, however, there’s a whole world of designer “jewelry for him” to be explored. In fact, there are more wedding ring options for men today than there has ever been before; so, we’ve rounded up our top ten men’s wedding bands for grooms in 2023.

1 Cartier LOVE Wedding Band in 18K Yellow Gold. 2 Tiffany & Co. Classic Wedding Band in 18k Gold. 3 De Beers The Promise Band in White Gold. 

While brides have worn wedding rings as far back as ancient Egypt, men’s wedding bands didn’t become a social norm until World War II. During the war, soldiers started wearing plain bands to remind themselves of their wives back home. Soon, gold wedding bands for men were all the rage, and are still a popular choice amongst today’s grooms. Of course, jewelry designers like Cartier and Tiffany & Co have since updated the classic gold wedding band with interesting details like ornate engravings or laser cut embellishments.

1 Tiffany & Co. T True 8mm Ring in 18k Gold. 2 Tiffany & Co. T Narrow Ring in 18k White Gold. 3 Tiffany & Co. T True Wide Ring in 18k Gold. 4 Tiffany & Co. Band Ring in Platinum with Diamonds. 

The top ten men’s wedding bands of 2023 also include white and pink gold styles by Boucheron, featuring two sculpted rows of Clou de Paris – a unique touch that adds a sporty edge to the classic band.

One of our favorite aspects about today’s wedding bands is that designers are creating unisex styles. Minimalist bands are not only timeless, but they make it easy for any couple to wear matching wedding bands if they choose. Oui by Jean Dousset features a trio of gleaming wedding bands that are perfectly suitable for anyone getting married, and we love the understated style of the rings.

1 Harry Winston HW Logo Rose Gold, Yellow Gold and White Gold Single Diamond Rings. 2 Harry Winston Baguette-Cut Vertical Single Diamond Wedding Band. 

When considering their ring options, grooms-to-be should also be mindful of designer names being visibly engraved on men’s wedding bands – although Cartier, Graff, and Jean Dousset tend to label their rings discretely along the interior. However, for the fashion-forward groom who doesn’t mind a flashier style, Bulgari offers men’s wedding bands with a subtle hint of designer love.

1 Boucheron Quatre Classique and Quatre Black Edition Wedding Bands in White and Pink Gold. 2 Graff D Shape Wedding Platimum Band. 

Men’s wedding bands may not be as eye-catching as an 8-carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring; but the care and craftsmanship that go into making these wedding bands is just as remarkable. Today’s grooms certainly have an abundance of quality options.