When private jeweler and curator Gerard Riveron sets his sights on a certain collection, it’s because those pieces were created by an independent fine jewelry designer who exemplifies originality, uniqueness, and an uncompromising level of craftsmanship. As one of Gerard’s chosen brands, Maison Bachet has been producing exquisite jewelry for 15 years and specializes in a particularly stunning gemstone – the black diamond.

With the word diamond meaning “invincible,” Maison Bachet has utilized the diamond’s physical properties (the highest amongst all gemstones) to create its signature jewelry collections. In their simplest form, diamonds are composed of carbon and shaped like a cube. Maison Bachet’s diamonds start out as a brown or gray stone, basing their selections on the size and surface conditions of each gem. The diamonds are then heated until they become black, offering a dramatic and dazzling addition to any wedding band or engagement ring.

Before the popularity of black diamonds, it was Maison Bachet that predicted the unique stone’s success, and created their pieces to make black diamonds accessible to those with a stylish and modern aesthetic. For both men’s and women’s wedding bands, a row of black diamonds offers a sleek and unexpected alternative to their more traditional counterparts. Combining black and white diamonds also creates a gorgeous, art deco-like effect as seen in several Maison Bachet earring and pendant designs.

“Experience has led us to understand that our clientele does not wear ‘Bachet’ in order to be recognized,” says artistic director David Bacher, “but because each and every one of our clients had recognized themselves in our creations. Creation in jewelry is nothing without the pleasure of the one who wears it. This is my only obsession, my only punishment, my only reward.”

From your engagement, to the altar, to your honeymoon and beyond, black and white diamonds will remain a classic yet contemporary addition to your personal jewelry collection for years to come. Visit gerardriveron.com for more curated fine jewelry collections from Gerard.