Private jeweler and curator, Gerard Riveron, is known for representing a carefully selected group of French designers. Within his jewelry brand lineup, however, is the colorful collection of Agori – a jewelry design house based in Rome, Italy. With a rainbow of statement-making pieces, Agori jewelry practically begs to be worn during weddings, honeymoons, and any other special occasion.

Founded by Melina Farroni and her son Alessandro, Agori designs are inspired by Italian beauty and culture. (Perfect for the well-traveled jewelry lover.) Unlike most designers, Melina has a unique background completely unrelated to fashion and jewelry. She spent many years working as a communication officer in a governmental agency before deciding to completely change her life. With her son Alessandro being a young and ambitious entrepreneur, Melina partnered with him to create their own company.

The mother-son team has proven to be an idyllic business match, as both Melina and Alessandro share a common passion for beauty. With Melina’s professional background and her son’s extensive knowledge of art, which he inherited from his father, Agori has become a brand synonymous with uniqueness and quintessential Italian taste.

Agori Italy features yellow, red, and white gold used in combination with colorful gemstones to create gorgeous, show-stopping pieces. Each stone is chosen for its utmost quality, giving life and character to Agori’s rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Delicate teardrop earrings get a colorful twist with color combos like brilliant turquoise and deep blues, or romantic pastel rose and dramatic black, while cascading jeweled flowers offer another take on the traditional chandelier earring.

Browsing Gerard Riveron’s favorite Agori pieces, those that stand out most are the exquisite cocktail rings. These rings vary in shape, size, and color, but all evoke a sense of culture and wanderlust. Lounging on a yacht in St. Tropez, enjoying cocktail hour in a swanky Beijing restaurant, or attending a night at the opera in NYC – these rings are perfect for any of life’s most fabulous moments.