As one of three French brands represented exclusively by private jeweler and curator, Gerard Riveron, Umane Paris has held its “Joaillerie de France” label since 2007. This coveted title ensures the Umane collection has been produced in France according to the country’s legal, social, ethical, and environmental standards – and, of course, with respect to the “Rules of the Art.”

Umane has succeeded in creating a contemporary aesthetic based on artful contrasts. Simply by perusing the collection, one will come across black onyx starkly contrasted with sparkling white stones; modern shapes contrasted with the traditional look of pave diamonds; a bright and earthy stone contrasted with an ornate setting; and nature-inspired shapes contrasted with whimsical colors.

The name itself was chosen for its soft and gentle sound, “to translate the force and vital energy of the earth and the consummate art of jewelry.” Rather than drawing attention with oversized diamonds and ostentatious designs, Umane’s pieces shine with their thoughtful and unexpected combinations. A group of ten people work behind the scenes to meticulously source luxury materials, select subtle stones, shape agate, and carve wood. The result? An original fashion jewelry collection catering to anyone who appreciates all things beautiful and unique.

Statement-making, yet incredibly wearable, Umane jewelry is fitting at any point of a fashion-forward woman’s life. Perhaps a glistening cocktail ring to offset a modern wedding gown; an intricate brooch for the mother of the bride; brightly-colored stones to wear during a tropical vacation; or a dazzling pair of earrings for an anniversary dinner. A dose of Umane is all it takes to add a stylish, contemporary twist to any ensemble.