As the great-great grandson of infamous jeweler, Louis Cartier, it’s not surprising that Jean Dousset has inherited the same taste for artistry, craftsmanship, and fine jewels. As such, the jewelry designer has recently created a bespoke, one-of-a-kind, 9-carat ruby ring with a $5 million dollar price tag.

Commissioned by an anonymous jewelry collector and connoisseur in Austria, this ruby ring has joined the ranks of its predecessors as one of the rarest pieces in the world. Due to the stone’s Burmese origin, extraordinary size, and “no-heat” treatment, less than 2% of existing rubies match its size and quality.

When designing the ring, Dousset was inspired by love and the sentimental relationship between two people. Love and passion, of course, are most often associated with and represented by the color red. To fortify this theme of romance, Dousset has also placed heart-shaped diamonds around the band, complementing the exquisite ruby with the ultimate symbol of love – not to mention, some extra bling.

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