Jean Dousset’s newest jewelry collection couldn’t be more apropos for the Valentine’s season. The collection, called “Elle,” was designed with the mindset of creating a keepsake that symbolizes love and joy. What’s most charming about the Elle pieces is that each handcrafted treasure features a hidden heart-shaped diamond among the rest of the stones.

A band with a single heart nestled within a row of diamonds is perfect for one’s wedding day, adding brilliance and a touch of symbolism to the ring exchange. Even after the wedding, the Elle rose gold eternity band would make an incredible gift to celebrate another milestone “first,” whether it’s a first wedding anniversary or first child together.

The Elle collection also consists of the “Elle Pendant” and “Elle Ear Climbers,” that would complement any wedding dress. Additionally, you may wish to show your bridal party some extra appreciation by gifting them with a pair of earrings or a stunning necklace.

Just like love, these pieces are beautifully timeless and meant to be associated with the most special and love-filled moments in your life. As the Jean Dousset brand states, “Made for a world all too filled with fleeting moments and flickering feeds, we craft timeless, luxury keepsakes, symbolic of what truly matters most. We believe having your heart in the right place is the essence of the cherished memories you keep.”