Paradise Feathers – A New Chapter in Contemporary Jewelry and Design

In an ever-evolving industry that cyclically favors everything from the bold to the minimal, Paradise Feathers brings a new chapter to the world of contemporary jewelry and design that transcends trends. Founded by Andrezza Valentin, the brand blends inspired aesthetics with mindfully sourced materials to create a jewelry that is effortlessly glamorous. With artistic pieces that can be worn for formal and everyday occasions alike, Paradise Feathers makes for a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection.

From Brazil to New York – Meet Designer Andrezza Valentin

Originally from São Paulo, Andrezza Valentin made the move from Brazil to New York, which prompted her to rethink her career as an artist. Andrezza has always had a passion for craftsmanship, and her background includes working with large-scale sculptures and installations. Due to the limited space of living in New York, she began looking for a more feasible creative outlet. One of her greatest lightbulb moments was when her friend – art curator, Cristina Candeloro – gave her a ring engraved with the phrase: “Rings are small sculptures.”

When she started seeing jewelry making as another artform, her creativity took over. As a jewelry designer, Andrezza had the opportunity to explore smaller objects of art and create pieces that are timeless, yet one-of-a-kind. Her background in sculpture work is especially evident in Paradise Feathers pieces like the Rondelle Ribbon ring – a whimsical 14k yellow gold plated brass washer wrapped by a dainty, satin-polished sterling silver ribbon. It’s the perfect blend of modern minimalism, contemporary style, and 3D artistry.

Inspired by Bauhaus and Art Deco

The Paradise Feathers aesthetic is inspired by a fascinating combination of Bauhaus and Art Deco characteristics. At first glance, the designs are minimal; but the unexpected use of geometric shapes, clean lines, and the juxtaposition between precious and non-precious materials transform each piece of jewelry into something truly special.

For occasions like engagement parties and rehearsal dinners, brides-to-be may resonate with the Wonder Bracelet, as a gold glitter acrylic bar sits on top of a gleaming gold plated cuff. Inspired by the armor of Greek Amazon Warriors, the bracelet adds a glamorous finishing touch to little white dresses and evening wear, while still maintaining a playful sense of femininity with its gold sparkle. For a bolder statement, the luxurious Slab Bracelet is perfect for black-tie and formal events. This piece certainly blurs the line between jewelry and contemporary art, with black acrylic pieces adding a dramatic contrast to a gold band with sterling silver rivets.

Sustainability and Mindful Design

Every piece within the Paradise Feathers jewelry collection is mindfully made and ethically handcrafted.

“I have very clear boundaries, especially in terms of materials,” Andrezza stated in an interview with House of Coco. “I only started using gold when I could be sure of its source, and the same goes for semi-precious stones. I’m still exploring the idea of using precious stones like diamonds because of the complexity to trace its origins… I’m also doing a lot of research on how to offset the impact of acrylic and ways to recycle it to minimize the environmental impact.”

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