While nothing supplants wedding gowns as the centerpiece of nuptial fashion, lingerie allows newlywed glamour to extend well beyond the wedding night and even the honeymoon. “Early in a marriage is a great time to have beautiful lingerie,” says Rebecca Apsan, founder of La Petite Coquette in New York City. “It sets the tone.”

For 2005, Apsan notes renewed interest in a proper trousseau, including peignoir sets of classical long gowns with empire waists and wispy matching robes, with new collections from lingerie designers typifying this retro boudoir look. Rhinestones and monograms are out, having trickled too far into the mainstream. Instead, colors like pink and turquoise, along with delicate lace and patterned embellishments, now grace many new brides in the bedroom.

Seamless bras in smooth stretch foam from the Felina Essentials Collection tuck and lift without the discomfort of old-fashioned fabrics; Felina’s Liz Hydinger says new brides often match these bras with thongs sewn from Modal, the new wonder fabric made from beechwood chips. For a contrasting look, some choose a delicate, lacy panty instead. At night, Hydinger says, all sorts of baby-doll nighties provide playful choices.

Aubade, the nearly 100-year-old French lingerie company, has pioneered many innovations, including the strapless bra in 1972. Marc Kristel of Aubade says new brides love the company’s legendary Tanga panty, made from a beautiful sheer, embroidered lace. Pattern and color are back for Aubade in 2005. The Tresor Divan collection features eyelet embroidery, and its St. Tropez set offers a high-cut boy short and a short-sleeve chemise in several colors, including lime green with tri-color stitching and, of course, black with vanilla stitching.

Well-crafted lingerie—day and night—creates perfect silhouettes that accent bust, hip and thigh with the right balance of elegance and seduction. Here’s to romance for life!

> Written by Roxanne Hawn

Location: The Peninsula, New York, NY; Stylist: Seneca R. Moss, Los Angeles, CA; Hair: Phillipe Paschkes, New York, NY; Makeup: Jane Choi for Mac Pro at Frank Arends, New York, NY; Lingerie: Rampage; Jewelry: Stephen Russell; Photography: 4 Eyes Photography, New York, NY