1 Benedetta Bruzziches Elsa Hot Pink Satin Slingback. 2 Ole Lynggaard Crane Brooch in 18K gold with ruby and diamonds. 3 Ole Lynggaard Love Bands Twirl Earring. 4 Ole Lynggaard Boho Ring in 18K gold with blue-green aquamarine and diamonds. 5 Guerlain Rouge G Customizable Jewel


The shorter, darker days of winter in the northern hemisphere makes warm-weather destination weddings and honeymoons even more of a welcome respite. This season’s Editor’s Hot Picks were inspired by date nights and romantic rendezvous in chic locations by the sea – think St. Tropez, Monaco, Ibiza, Mykonos, and Santorini.

While most brides prefer to keep their jewelry timeless and classic, honeymoons are an opportunity to play around with whimsical statement pieces like Ole Lynggaard’s crane brooch in 18K gold with rubies and diamonds, or the 18K gold boho ring with diamonds and blue-green aquamarine.

1 Ole Lynggaard Gipsy Earrings. 2 Lugano Diamonds Princess Cut Diamond and Ceramic Earrings. 3 Benedetta Bruzziches Elsa Black Satin Slingback. 4-6 Benedetta Bruzziches Ariel Collection in Giunone, Hera and Stardust. 

Pumps by Benedetta Bruzziches are at the top of our Winter 2024 Hot Picks list, with versatile styles that will take brides throughout the entire wedding experience. Satin slingbacks in hot pink and black are perfect for honeymoons and rehearsal dinners, while a sweet pair of white mules are an elegant pick for bridal showers or the wedding day itself.

Chandelier and drop earrings in a variety of diamonds and precious stones look gorgeous by candlelight – especially while sitting at a private table for two overlooking the water. The Ariel Collection of clutches by Benedetta Bruzziches also caught our eye this season, with an ultra-smooth design that mimics the ethereal quality of sea glass. 

1 Cartier Les Necessaires a Parfum Red Case. 2 Brackish Parades Statement Earrings. 3 Benedetta Bruzziches Cossyra White Mules. 

Whether spending a honeymoon yachting in the Greek Isles or enjoying the buzzy atmosphere of the Canaries, these luxury accessories will add a little “extra something special” to those travel memories.